Best Upcoming Technology 2017, Futuristic Technologies of 2017

Best Upcoming Technology 2017

Best Upcoming Technology, Top 5 Best Upcoming Future Technology of Year 2017: Technology is a aspect which keeps on progressing for its betterment and new formations all around the world for and better and new experience or we can say for a better tomorrow. Even the impossible is slightly turning towards the possible. The technical world itself has went over to dream to the reality preferably a dream that can been seen with naked eye. The advancement and transformation truly defines their existence.

5G Mobile Network Technology

Now the main question that arises is that is what are the innovation and technologies that are going to Disclose in year 2017. So here to keep this confusion away we have come up with this article of the most anticipated Best Upcoming Technology 2017. Wherein we will list-in the top 5 best technologies that are going to come around you very soon.

List of Top 5 Best Upcoming Technology 2017, New Technologies of 2017

#1 Portable Laser Pens

These are not simple laser pens these are the portable laser pens that can seal wounds yes you heard with the help of these laser pens you can simply seal wounds to restrict the blood loss from the body any time anywhere you want. You can even confine the serious injuries to occur. So this is one of the most awaited technology of year 2017.

Portable Laser Pens

#2 Aerofex Aero x

Aerofex Aero X is a like a hover board that can be driven in the air and can run like a speed bike. After the 15 years research engineers developed this machine. The Air bike has 240 horsepower engine and can fly upto altitude of 12 feet and can speed up to 45m/h so yes it is a cool technological innovation.

Aerofex Aero x

#3 Prosthetics

Prosthetics is a electronic hand with real sense of touch this is a invention that is done by European scientists and engineers this prosthetic hand can directly to the remaining nerves. And it is really controllable with the nerve sensation so is a perfect machine for many people. This can add a new human gesture to their life.


#4 Talos “iron man suit”

 Talos is just like similar in appearance to the Iron man suit. It is a combat suit for US military the full form of TALOS is tactical Assault light operator suit the aim of this suit is to provide better protection to the soldiers. So seems to bee a cool technology.

Talos “iron man suit”

#5 Light Peak Technology

light peak technology is a technology that will ensure a super high speed data transfer even more that 100 GB per second what more can be best than this so now copy an entire hard disks is just a matter of seconds. So now the technology ready to gain it peak.

Light Peak Technology

Best Upcoming Futuristic Technologies 2017

So these are some of the Best Upcoming Technology 2017. Hope will make the fraction of, your anxiety lesser. Hope you liked the article of the most anticipated upcoming futuristic technologies of year 2017. But if you find that we missed something of your choice than please do mention in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more amazing updates.