Best Torrent Websites 2017, Top Torrent Sites for Movies, Games, TV Shows, Music Downloading

Best Torrent Websites 2017

Best Torrent Sites 2017: We all love watching movies with good quality visuals and many best torrent websites 2017 have always been an avid provider of those desired seeds with decent sized files. We all know about the sad news of expiration in July and most of us might be searching for potential providers of similar quality and ease. Below are some of the best torrent websites for Movies, Books, Games, Tv Shows and some of them are even more special.

Best Torrent Website 2017

Best Torrent Websites 2017 List


best torrent website for movies

This is a private membership community and welcoming new members. With the expiration of in July, Demonoid is one of the most reliable options for finding torrents and getting trustworthy seeders. This is one of the best torrent websites in India.


best torrent website for games

This is a one of the best torrent website for Games, Movies, Games, Music, Movies Trailers, etc.. This website focus entirely on digital quality torrents and you will hardly find ample of torrents here. You can definitely consider this exclusive website if you appreciate its decent sized files. Though membership is not free of cost and the frequent pop-ups may annoy you a bit.


best torrent websites for tv shows

The website is managed by quite esteemed uploaders. Though the options are comparatively lesser in compared to larger sites, but users have given quite good feedback about the quality of the files here. You can download many tv shows from here. The is the best torrent website for tv shows.


best torrent websites for software

The site is very new and is sort of incognito for many users out there. We can say, the website has been made in tribute to, which is closed now. The smartphone and tablet users can also access this site through its mobile app. You can give it a fair try if it works for you. You can download many Mobile apps, Tv Shows, Videos, Games, Music, etc. However, It is popular for downloading the Mobile app so we can say that it is one of the best torrent websites for mobile app.


best torrent websites for android mobile

In Czech Republic, Bitpot is a new third party service. Though they do not provide you torrents, but they will get torrents for you with the help of their private servers. First, your huge files will be transferred to them and then you can download the finished file onto your computer. There is a free version available, which provides 100 MB per hour transfer. You can also subscribe to get its faster transfer speeds. This smooth and extravagant service is provided for $5 per month and makes total worth for your money.

#6 Torlock

best torrent websites in India

Torlock is totally worth of a trial because they provide you one out of the box service and proves to be one of the best torrent websites for software and verified games. These guys pay to their users some commission for unleashing fake torrents and communicating to the community about it. In this world of false files, this is something appreciable. The site is boon for regular downloaders and who are sick of wasted downloads.


top torrent sites in the world

The site is quite visual and seems busy. But it provides stupendous thumbnails and file information. The site is undoubtedly worth giving a try and it is quite browser-friendly for searching movies and music artists. It is one of the best torrent sites for hd movies, books, games, etc.

Best Torrent Sites for Movies, Games, TV Shows, Android Mobiles

Above are some of the best torrent websites for Games, tv shows, android, movies, etc. and have some really commendable attributes provided by them. There are many others and after, many more have been created. We have mentioned here the first best torrent sites list to rely upon and after giving them a try, you can post comments below on their performances and how much reliable they are from user perspective.