Best Smartwatch for iPhone Users, Best Smartwatches of 2017

Best smartwatch for iPhone

Best Smartwatch for iPhone: One of the gadgets that we have seen changing the most in the year is the smartwatch category. The smart-watches have for sure taken technology to the next level. Now, even if you try it is going to be nearly impossible for you to stay a day out of being a tech freak. The introduction of smart-watches has also stylized the wearable parts. So, it is easier to look cool owning a smartwatch. Here we are with some best Smartwatches of 2017 list.

Smart watches might have changed our world a bit, but only to an extent. They provide us with the updated notifications, and always have an eye on the weather. This means that you can get weather updates along with some health monitoring, which is basically one of the important tasks that it does.

Best Smartwatches for IOS Compatible Device

They will also prompt you with the reminder of your next appointment and do the work out management task for you. But it is not that, the smartwatches have taken technology to the next level platform, instead they have tried to do everything so that you would not feel the need to take out your mobile phone from your pocket.

With the latest updates coming into play, picking a smartwatch can be a difficult task. You need the one that completely blends with your mobile phone, has a bright company future and is ready to adapt with the third party apps. You might also find some Android smartwatches going well with the iPhones as adaptability is the key to success in the market. Watch brand giant like Fossil can also be seen coming into play in the smartwatch category.

Best Smartphone for Android Users

So, if you are an iPhone user you would not go with just any smart watch. Here the perfect pick f smart watches for you that synchronize well with you iPhone-

Best Smartwatch for iPhone Owners | Best Smartwatches for IOS Compatible Device

#1 The Apple Watch

If you own an iPhone then you must not be surprised with the best smartwatch you can have. It is obviously the Apple watch. It does all the functions of your iPhone. It synchs perfectly well with your phone because it is designed by the same manufacturer as your mobile. Everything about this watch will seem familiar to the iPhone users as they have already been using the mobile phone. The Apple watch is best smartwatch for iPhone as it made by same manufacturer as we mentioned above.

The Apple Watch

It is nicely designed, that is obviously expected from Apple. It comes with Apple’s voice recognition intelligence known as ‘Siri’, that makes your experience of a smart watch even more user friendly.

There is a wide variety of style including colors and bands that definitely incorporates the difference in price. But it doesn’t mean that if you plan to go for an expensive Apple watch, then you will get some extra features.

You can easily customize the watch face and make the notifications appear on the screen as per your desire. But if you are up to installing third party apps with OS 2, they might run slightly slow in comparison. If you want the best blending smart watch to go with your iPhone, then Apple watch is the one for you. The Apple smartwatch range starts from a price of $349, though you might find a couple of deals on e-commerce websites such as Amazon.

#2 Pebble Time

Pebble Time is not only an alternate of Apple watch, but also a best smartwatch for iPhone users. There a number of reasons why picking a pebble watch can be better in place of an Apple watch. There are only a few models from Pebble available in the market right now like the last year’s black and white to the most recently announced Pebble Time Round.

Pebble Time

It has a better battery life and effective pricing strategy than Apple. The battery will last days, rather hours. You might want to spend on Apple just because you love it and it is so, but a sensible approach would also make you discover other options.

One of the best picks is the ‘Pebble Time’ that has a good display quality with remarkable colors and fast operation. The Pebble watch would also look good in sunlight, as they use an e-paper display. They will work decently on Apple, provide you all the notifications and monitor your step count. You will also get to use some custom watch faces and third party applications. However, Pebble is designed on a slightly sporty style, with color and style options available. It is priced at $150.99 and is available at exciting deals on e-commerce websites.

#3 Huawei Watch

The Huawei watch is one of the top picks in the category all because of its sleek design and suave looks. It is indeed one of the sleekest watches that you will find in the market. But this does come at a price. It is priced slightly higher in its category. Huawei has managed to play nicely by providing the Mode interchangeable bands which will let you run the dev preview of wear 2.0.

Huawei Watch

It has a 1.4-inch, 400 x 400 display screen, with a 286 ppi count. It is highly commended for its display quality as it is the only smartwatch providing such amazing display resolution. Adding more to its qualities is the remarkable contrast ratio that is 10,000:1.

There is no doubt that it offers a crisp display to its users, along with the wonderful 360-degree visuals that makes everything appear sharper.

If price is not that much an issue for you, this smartwatch is definitely one that goes in quintessence with your Android mobile phone. Huawei Watch is one if the best smartwatches of 2017 priced at $299.

#4 Moto 360 2 Smartwatch

Motorola continues to maintain one of the top ranks in the smartwatch category. The setup of Moto 360 2 is very promising and is available in two sizes 42mm and 46mm respectively. The different sizes have been launched recently and are a new marketing strategy by the company.

Best Smartwatch for iPhone Users | Best Smartwatches of 2017

With different watch sizes, come different screen sizes that are 1.37 and 1.56-inch. The display quality is good with the resolution of the bigger watch being 360 x 360 – with a 233 ppi count.

It is offered at a price of $299.99. Motorola has really worked on this one, with considerable changes seen in the looks as compared to the smart watch 360.

It will work perfectly with Apple and won’t make you feel as if you are using a device alien to Apple.

Best Smartwatches of 2017

Even if you own an iPhone, having a smartwatch take the experience to the next level. The other Best Smartwatch for iPhone choices are available in the market, so it is not necessary to go by the tradition. Just explore and pick the right one for you. The above given best smartwatches for IOS list will help you to find the right watch for you.