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Best Shooting Games 2017: Are you one of those, who love to have others at their gunpoint? Not literally, of course. If you have those gaming instincts in you and you go crazy about missing a single head shot, then you are at the correct place. Here our team have updated you with Best Shooter Games 2017 for Android.

One of the best complete entertaining games is the First Person Shooter games. You get to try different guns along with pairing up your friends and shooting on sight all those whom you are playing against.

Some games even allow you to choose weapon specific skins. Even if you are bored of the same boring gun, just buy another exotic skin available and your next shot will be as stylish as your shooter gun.

Best Shooting Games 2017, Top 5 Best Shooter Games

Here are the best shooting games 2017 that you will give you a real enthralling experience.

  1. CS GO:

This is one game that doesn’t require any special mention. The upgraded version of CS Source is one of the best FPS game. Although the entire line of Counter Strike is addictive, CS go has one of the smoothest game play. It also currently has the highest number of users.

It allows online multiplayer option, so basically you can team up with your friends. It is not a simple shoot at sight game; instead it requires more strategy and application of mind.


The game gives you plenty of maps that are as realistic as your neighborhood. The famous ones are dust2, inferno, train, nuke etc that are basically modified from the older versions of counter strike. How you need to apply strategy can be understood by the game plan on which Counter Strike is laid. You can either choose to be a terrorist and plant a bomb or be a Counter terrorist, just rushing into the bomb sites and killing the terrorists.

Losing focus is not an option in the game. You certainly wouldn’t want to slip away from the deadly head shot that permanently kills your enemy. You also get to customize your crosshair and choose the deadly skins for your favorite weapon picks.

This game gives you various weapon options that you would love to use. From Ak 47 to M249 machine guns, you also get grenade, flash bang and the obvious Kevlar and helmet. A simple strategy to fool your enemies might rank you up, while silly mistakes can also de-rank you. CS GO is one of the best shooting games 2017.


Another FPS game that makes it to the list is Bioshock. This game is a story line based one. Before you actually get to play make sure you understand the story really well, so that you have the same zest as the central character of the story Jack. It was first released for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and has also won critical acclaims such as Game of the year at various platforms for its morality-based storyline.


The game is set in 1960 where the protagonist Jack’s plane crashes and a new underwater city known as Rapture is discovered. Bio-shock uses a heavily modified and advanced game engine Unreal Engine 2.5 and some of the features from Unreal Engine 3.0. It’s graphical enhancements are worth applaud. It was designed to work on both Direct3D 10 (DirectX 10) and DirectX 9. This supports the additional underwater graphical experience that prevails in the game. The combat provides the player to use tonics, gun and other gadgets to be used against the enemies.

With its own original soundtrack, this game is all about how much you understand its story-line and have the killing urge to destroy the genetically enhanced enemies ‘Big Daddies’.

  1. Team Fortress 2:

Very few games in the market exist even years after their initial releases. Team Fortress is one of them. Released in 2007, it still makes it to the popular list. Longevity is the one key factor here.

Team Fortress 2

There are two teams you will find in the game against each other to capture points, move a cart or steal a briefcase. The things that make this game interesting are the interplay between the nine classes of game play that include the speedy scout, the militant heavy, the diligent engineer, the conniving medic, the pesky sniper, the sneaky spy, the feisty pyro, the outburst soldier, and the ready to explode demoman. All of them have their unique abilities and strengths that both complement and clash with each other.

The characters get to build advanced weapon in the game. The part of this game is that you get to customize your character. There are a plenty of funny costumes and accessories available to lighten up the killing mood. Team Fortress 2 is on 3rd position in our best shooter games list.

  1. DOOM:

So if you are all set to explore first person shooting between hell and demons, DOOM is here for you as best first person shooter games. The game revolves around the exploits of an unnamed space marine. The game supports 3D graphics, third-dimension spatiality, networked multiplayer gameplay, and support for player-created modifications which make up for a good game-play experience.


The central character of the story gets to fight the evil by killing the demons and the un-dead. The player keeps on bouncing from hell and earth. And when he gets back to Earth, he finds a massive invasion has already been carried out on the planet.

Even though DOOM was released in 1993, it still makes to the list to its quality gaming experience as it keeps you hooked to the story.


This is one of the latest first person shooting games that you will love to play. It was released in 2016 for X Box one, Play station 4 and Microsoft windows. If you were waiting for a team, multi-player game to play along your peers since long, this is the one for you.


There is a team of two consisting six players each. You have to choose between the already set hero- players. The heroes are classified into categories on the basis of their skill, attributes and other factors. The four categories of heroes that you will find are Offense, Defence, Tank and Support.

The competitive mode of the game allows you to play ranked matches. There’s also bonus in the store for the players. If 10 pre-requisite placement matches are completed, you also get the special cosmetic items in your inventory for that season. So OVERWATCH is 5th best Android Shooting Games 2017 in our list.

6. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided:
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

As the name suggests this game this game is all about saving Humanity. The humanity is on a verge of getting divided. The central character of the story is Adam Jenson, who is a gaming fashion icon. He is a highly trained man in the game and it is all about whose side to play on. Adam has to choose his allies carefully so that he can resolve this threat that can cause changes to the whole world. Apart from the shooting mode, there is also a hand combat as add on in the game. So sometimes, you can throw your gun away for a change and decide to be a fighter on your own. You should try this one of the best shooting games 2017 at least once.

7. Battlefield 1:


Another popular game took a great U turn this year. It went straight back to the World War 1 days of extreme conflict. The best part is that the game features actual locations from the World War 1 days along with the era’s classy weapons. You will see actual destruction and ruins of the time and feel as if you are the captain sent back in history to complete your unfinished mission. The game’s trailer came up to be one of the most popular on the Youtube. And needless to say the game offers a scintillating gaming experience with exceptional graphics. battlefield is one of the Best Shooting Games 2017.

8. Titanfall 2:


The game is in neck to neck competition with Battlefield and other popular in the list. The game brings back single player campaign this year. The other features of the game are much similar to the previous version. You can run endlessly on the walls, and swing around a lot. You kind of get to be your Marvel Superhero in the game. There is also a hook attached to the hands, so you can easily cling and zip it to the object of your choice. Doesn’t it sound more like batman? Just play along and kill your enemies with as much style as you can.

Best First Person Shooter Games 2017

With more games coming up in the gaming industry every day, there is a lot to choose from and switch to. But then what’s a game if it’s not addictive? Here we have updated Top 8 Best Shooting Games of 2017. Stay connected with us because we will add the new entry. Comment below, if you want to know anything or have any query regarding best android shooting games.