Best Selfie App 2017, Top 5 Best Sefie Apps for Android 2017

Best Selfie Apps 2017

Best Selfie App 2017: Now a day’s Selfie obsession is increasing day by day. The craze is increasing much due to great quality cameras in our smartphones. A person of every age is crazy about Sefie that we can see on social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc. It is becoming a fashion to take pics from front camera and post them on social networking sites.

Nowadays people don’t take autograph of their favorite celebs, they take selfies with them. People are now able to click good quality selfies by using their smartphones’ high quality camera and various selfie apps.

Best Camera Apps 2017

It is a true thing that only good camera won’t work to click good selfie. You also need to install a best selfie app. There are various selfie apps available in play store but we need to recognize which are the best? So here we are with best selfie app for android & iPhone.

Best Selfie App 2017, Best Android Selfie Apps 2017

  1. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect

We have selected YouCam as 1st in this list of Best Sefie Apps 2017 because it features both snapshots and video selfies. YouCam also offers a real time beautifying features to see how you will look before taking photos or videos. There are numbers of different effects in app and it detects multiple faces in a pic. Editing option is also available in which you can fix some issues like eyes, skin and wrinkle etc.

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  1. Bright Camera


Bright Camera is one of best android selfie apps 2017 because it makes you able to take great selfies and make them better. There are some great effects and frames available. You may share your pictures instantly on all social networks.

Download Bright Camera

Bright Camera also features filters, beautification, selfie timer, tilt shift effects and much more. You may also add quotes in your photo which is another great feature of Bright Camera. The app is absolutely free on Play Store, so we suggest you to check it out once.

  1. Candy Camera

Best Selfie App 2017

Candy Camera is a high rated and one of the best app to take selfies. The app is available absolutely free on Google Play Store. It enables you to take selfies and check real time effects on them. Candy Camera has more than hundreds filters in this app.

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Candy Camera has editing features like beautification, make up features, blemish removal and many others. So install Candy Camera now and take great selfies.

  1. Retrica

Best Selfie App for Android 2017

Retrica is a good app for selfie lovers and editors. Retrica is an all-rounder app for both taking selfies and editing. So that’s why we can say that it is one of the best selfie apps 2017.

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Retrica offers a great interface that’s why it has a huge fan following. The app features more than 100 filters, collage maker, timer, watermarking and more.

  1. Selfie Studio App

Selfie Studio App

The Selfie Studio app targeted all selfie lovers as the app uses a front facing camera. So if your phone doesn’t have a front facing cam then you can’t use this app.

Download Selfie Studio App

Using Selfie Studio app, you may brighten your face with different kind of colors. There are other features like silent shoot, auto reverse, shutter, volume key and others.

Best Selfie App for Android 2017

All the selfie lovers may check Best Selfie Apps for Android 2017 from here. Now they don’t need to search for Best Selfie App 2017 on internet. So download and install one of these best free selfies apps 2017 and take a selfie of good quality. Keep in touch for more information regarding apps, phones and other electronic gadgets.