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Best Portable Battery Chargers: Gone are the days when you had to charge your phone’s battery before going out for an excursion and do every bit to save it for an emergency call. Some of us even carried a spare battery for a state of urgency. Those days, now make up for good memories.

With the launch of smart phones a better battery backup was provided. And it is increasing day by day with more expensive and power saving phones. But the launch of power banks is life saver for us. Now going out without having to worry about the dying battery of your phone or laptop is a habit. Here we have updated list of best portable chargers of 2017.

Power banks have become a necessity in today’s ever ready world. We never want to run out of our resources. We want to stay updated with everything new, so how could we let the battery die out. Power banks make sure you are able to operate your devices even when they are completely out of power. They are easy to carry, thus named portable. Small in size, you can keep it just like you keep your cell phone along with you. Power banks have the capacity to full charge your phones at least once, which is considered desirable. There are various power banks of various brands available in market but here we have updated Best Portable Battery Chargers of 2017.

With more advancement, solar charged power banks come into play. They have in built photo-voltaic panel that get self-charged when exposed to sunlight. This eases out more of the existing problems.

Thus, having a best power bank 2017 is quite essential to keep things manageable and under control. The most common power banks that are present in the market are Universal Power banks which are customizable and can be adjusted as per the user’s desires. You can select a power bank as per your requirements as a large collection awaits your money in the market.

Best Portable Battery Chargers of 2017, Best Portable Power Banks for Smartphones

Here are a list of best portable power banks that you might consider buying-

  1. Morphie Powerstation Pro

Although Morphie is most famous for its iPhone covers, it also has a range of battery backup solutions. The power station pro is sold for being a rugged solution to your power issues. It has a stylish case made of steel with a rubberized bumper in black or orange.

More to the surprise, it is water and dust resistant. This gives the portable charger an IP65 rating in the market. Its plastic cover flips open to reveal the USB out, and micro USB in ports available.
Morphie Powerstation Pro

It is undoubtedly called rugged as it can charge everything that you can plug into the USB slot with maximum of 2.1A, which is ample for most of the devices. Taking an example three full charges of an iPhone battery can be expected from power station Pro. Its current capacity is 6000 mAh and takes as long as 6 hours to completely charge. Being portable it weighs around 360 grams. It is offered at a price of $35. Morphie Powerstation Pro is known as one of the best portable battery chargers because of it’s great charging capacity.

  1. iBattz Mojo Battstation Optimus Charger

Sound like transformers? Don’t just go by the silly name it has. It has extraordinary power storage hidden within itself. Its capacity is 20,400mAh which lets you charge multiple phones and an iPad and still has some power left after that. You might feel the weight under your bones with a 400 grams portable power backup, but it performs pretty decent considering its qualities.


Talking about the body, it has a soothing rubber finish with a tinge of orange color. You can find a USB port at either ends along with a built in flash light, the power button and the micro USB port for charging the device. One of the main advantages of this charger is that you can charge two devices at the same time.

The charger might take 15-16 hours to completely charge up, but is definitely made for power deficient areas. It is priced over $76.

Xiaomi MI 2000mAh Power Bank

  1. Poweradd Pilot 2GS Portable Charger

Another one of the chargers that make it to the list is the Poweradd Pilot 2GS portable charger. With a stored power of 10,00mAh, it is decent enough to charge your mobile phone batteries a couple of times. It has two output ports, one 2.1A port and another 1A port. This lets you charge two devices at the same time. The most attractive is the price at which it is offered. Its discounted price is most suitable in regards with the features that it offers. It’s one of the 3rd best power banks in our list of 5 best portable chargers.


And nor does it lack in looks. Currently weighing 258 grams, it is available in three color options. Adding to your familiarity there is also a LED light-up system that lets you know the percentage of the remaining power of your device. It is prices attractively at $17.

  1. Leow Poki Ultra Slim External Battery Pack

The best feature of this portable charger includes a 2.1 A output for faster charging requirements. Priced at $35, it is easier and more compact to handle than its competitors in the market. If you are eager to know the remaining power of your device, all it wants is your magical touch. You just need to slide your finger over it and there you get your awaited results.


It is super stylish in looks, with a weight of just 140 grams. It has a micro USB port for charging it. And why it is easier to handle is because it takes a mere 3-4 hours for completely charging proving an output of 5000 mAh. Believe us, Lumsing Harmonica Style is a best power bank 2017.

  1. Lumsing Harmonica Style Portable Power Bank

You will definitely be amazed to know about this one. The first is its output stored power and second is its price. It is available at an unbelievable price of $17-18. And the capacity that it offers is 10,400mAh.


On the body you will find four LEDs that represent the level of power charged in your device. Again it will charge anything that fits into the provided USB port. You can charge two devices simultaneously with Lumsing Harmonica Style power bank as it has two ports, 1A output and one with a 2.1A output. With the capacity provided you can charge your phone even more than a couple of times. Weighing only 236 grams, it can easily fit into your pocket and budget. Overall, it is good for daily use.

Best Portable Chargers, Best Power Banks

So many options are available in the market. It depends on your requirements and usage which one to choose. But whichever you pick, just don’t let the battery die. Here we have updated Best Portable Battery Chargers of 2017. If you like any other then please share it with us we will add it in our best portable power banks list. Stay connected.