Best Pebble Apps 2017, Top 5 Best Pebble Smartwatch Apps 2017

Best Pebble Apps 2017

Best Pebble Apps 2017: The Pebble watch was one of the 1st smartwatches before Apple watch and Android wear secured a spot in market. In July 2016, pebble time launched with a new design but same battery life and a fresh color display. So now it’s time to check some of our favorite and best pebble smartwatch apps 2017.

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Top 5 Best Pebble Apps 2017, Best pebble Watch Apps 2017

#1 Happiness:


Happiness is one of the best pebble apps 2017 and it is not something that you would keep for long term. You can delete this app after one week. The basic idea is to take a survey every hour and then send you a result with all the information on what the algorithm thinks about you. It is a simple way to assess daily habits.

#2 Pebble Heath:

Pebble Heath

Pebble health is a fitness tracking app and it is one of the best pebble smartwatch apps 2017. We are saying this because it gives you an all-round solution to track your health and fitness using your watch. To set up Pebble health you just need to open companion mobile app and enter various health settings.

Once it start running, Pebble Health help you to track your daily activity and sleep metrics such as hours slept and step count.

#3 Maptastic

Best Pebble Smartwatch Apps 2017

Maptastic isnot a fancy Google map but still it is fun to use. The app tracks your location and you may find where you are. To check your location, you just need to long press a button. It even shows the address and you can pan around to see more of the map. The app insures that you get best location information. So if you are finding any location then this Maptastic is one of the best pebble watch apps 2017.

#4 TripAdvisor:


If you are on a trip then believe us, TripAdvisor is one of the best pebble apps 2017. The app does exactly what you would expect. It uses your current location to recommend restaurants bars and other attractions. It gives user reviews too and there are a navigation mode too that will direct you to the chosen destination.

#5 Uber

Best Pebble Apps 2017

The Uber app is one of the biggest names on app store. It uses Pebble Time’s colour screen with big, bold alerts to keep you on the top of minicab ordering. This is one of the best pebble smartwatch apps 2017 if you want to book a cab from your watch.

You just need to hold the middle button of Pebble to call a cab to your location. You may also select another location and there is option to track driver after booking.

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Enjoy these above given best pebble apps 2017 and share your experience with us. If you have any query or suggestion regarding Best Pebble Smartwatch Apps 2017, keep sharing with us. We will try to respond you as soon as possible.