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Best News and Magazine Apps

Best News and Magazine Apps: Undoubtedly, Android phones and tablets are big phone devices and some tasks suit them so much like reading news or magazines. Surprisingly, many of us gave so much emphasis on magazine and news app only earlier when these big phones were new. However, things have changed so much after that and we have a whole new loop of best news and magazine apps. All of them are advanced and dedicated to make you aware about the trending world.

Best News and Magazine Apps, Top 6 Best Free News and Magazine Apps

For people, whose most favourite pastime is reading they would understand the true need of these apps. It may seem little too obsessive behaviour when we see some people reading even during eating or when they get bored. But, some of us can’t just help it. Therefore, for these word seekers, we have alternative cheaper options to feed the minds. They can easily avoid buying the paper magazines and newspaper and opt for digital media resources. Below are some of the best news apps and best magazine apps for users:

Best News Apps For Android, iPhone, Windows

#1 Feedly App

best news app for android
Feedly App

Here comes a RSS type app which let you select your own resources and create your own news feed. You simply search for the topics and website of your choice and add them to news feed. So, when you open the app you will be get introduced to the related news of the topics which you like. So, like this, it becomes least time consuming and you get more control over what you see. Not only this, you can also manage several different feeds by creating categories. Also, it gives you ease to access it on other devices also as it has a web interface.

#2 Inoreader App

free download best news apps for android
Feedly App

This is another best news app available to download free. It is much like Feedly, which relies much on RSS collection and lets you choose your news. The interface is plain and simple which gives you an easy sight on news feed. You can also edit the categories of subscription. In Addition to, there is an interesting option of searching news with keyword and you get reach to the news articles without landing to a specific website.

#3 Flipboard App

best free news app for android mobile download
Flipboard App

We all know about Flipboard because this is one really popular and one of the best news app. Again, this runs on RSS pattern, with the help of which, you search for your type of news and see them at one managed place. The design of the application has entitled it as “digital magazine”, because of its huge graphics, page turnings and many other things. Not only the interface, it has other luxuries like story saving option for later reads. Again, you can access it from any other device, and the most trending stories will pop up on the front page.

Best Magazine Apps for Smartphone, Mac, PC

#4 Zinio App

best magazine apps for iphone
Zinio App

We like all in one sometimes, but in magazine apps. For the Reason that, clubbing everything together here means losing the charm of colourful magazines designs. Thus, here we have got some good alternatives. Zinio is one of them and is completely dedicated magazine app.

The interface is quite neat and quite familiar to use which becomes a convenience for people who regular digital magazine readers. You can easily choose from categories, which are displayed on the grids.

Once you are into the magazine, the below panel will provide you a quick app tour. Both image and text version of articles are displayed there.

#5 Amazon Kindle App

download free magazine apps for android phone
Amazon Kindle App

Amazon is a giant publisher in terms of digital publishing. While since they are providing us the ebooks, magazines will not be big deal for them.

Along with your book shelf, Amazon Kindle will give you access to magazines as well.

#6 Issuu App

best magazine apps for mobile phone free
Issuu App

So, here is twist available for you for providing you short, sweet and peppery local news and publications which are not there with any other previously mentioned magazine options.

Basically, Issuu app is for local publishers or publishers who want their work to be digitised without paying heavy charges. There are millions of publishers taking leverage from the app and making their publishing available to readers.

Although, the appearance and feel of the app is not outstandingly different from all other app options, but it does turn around the things a bit. Their focal point is social serving here, by making available a medium to share your content with the help of app and digitalize it. Also, there is convenience to find out related and upcoming publications.

Best News and Magazine Apps for Phone & PC

So, these were the best news and magazine apps for android, windows, iPhone, PC, and Laptop, which are not only free but also equally effective and powerful to follow trending news and topics. Of course, you must be an avid user of at least of them, but upgrading and switching to alternatives is always a healthy choice. While trying any of them for the first time, share your experience and reviews with us about the given best news app and best magazine app below in the comment box.