Top 5 Best Loudest Bluetooth Speakers 2017, Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers

Best Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

Best Loudest Bluetooth Speakers: Are you one of those music lovers with ears always hooked upon to your favourite songs? I then assume you would also like to stay updated with the newest and coolest speakers in the market. Taking technology to the level best we have the best portable Bluetooth speakers in the market.

With these, handling and sorting out the jigsaw puzzle of endless tangled wires is definitely something at the back of your mind. You can carry them anywhere you want around the house by the range of Bluetooth, all done hassle free.

Top 5 Best Loudest Bluetooth Speakers 2017, Cheap Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The quality of Bluetooth speakers in the market might differ, but the louder it is, the more enthusiastic does the neighborhood becomes. After all you cannot enjoy Metallica with soft ears, isn’t it? These especially designed audio gears have worked considerably in enhancing the audio quality along with some extra ordinary high pumping volume.

Best Loudest Bluetooth Speakers 2017, Cheap Bluetooth Speakers 2017

So, here are some of the best loud Bluetooth speakers that are made for you-

#1 VAVA Voom Premium Bluetooth Speakers

One of the best loudest Bluetooth speakers that you will find in the market is the VAVA Voom Premium. With exceptional sound enhancing quality is one of the best alternatives in the market. So if you are in pursuit of cheaper alternative for expensive brands like Bose, then this is the perfect choice for you.

VAVA Voom Premium Bluetooth Speakers

VAVA Voom Premium features two 5W drivers, two passive radiators, a 10W subwoofer along with one of the best dynamic audio currently available in the market. For sublime audio performances it comes with the aptX technology. No need to mention that it comes with a hands-free for you mobile phone. It has an equalizer with three settings- standard, party and surround. It amazingly supports the wireless streaming, making it extra easy for you to play around with music. You can easily play music at all times using a Wi-Fi.

Talking about its equalizing modes, a subtle amount of base is present in the standard mode which you will find ideal for every-day music. If you are certain to be in the party mode, just switch the equalizer to party and you will be dancing to its extreme punched base quality.

It has full-wrap-around metal grill and all the controls are present on the top. Its super build and good quality with some scintillating sound experience makes it one of the best buys in the category.

#2 Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3XL

These speakers are precisely designed to produce high quality sounds. It is perfect for a pool side party as it comes equipped with a 40 watt driver and an AMP, already delivering 20 watts of pure loud experience.

Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3XL

The sound quality it produces is quite clear and decent. For this purpose it has two large 2.75” precision drivers and two custom 13mm tweeters. By far, it is one of the best loudest Bluetooth speakers you will find in the market. It also comes with 3 passive bass radiators; 1 passive bass radiator. The presence of these can be easily seen in the booming sound quality.

Even when you set the volume levels to low, the speakers are loud. In short, you need not worry about the sound quality in Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3XL, as it is rich, clear and manages to retain the crisp in the voice quality. Apart from that it can play at 70 percent volume levels for as long as 8 hours with its battery support.

#3 Sharkk WAVE 25W Bluetooth Speakers

Equipped with Maxx Bass Technology, the speakers support 25 watt drivers each. It makes to the list because of its superior sound quality. The Bluetooth connection version that this speaker is available with is Bluetooth 4.0. It also has NFC functionality and an AUX port that makes it the quintessential speaker for indoor or outdoor use. The more we talk, the less it is in comparison to the features it is offered with. It comes with almost everything that will make your life easy, Siri and S-Voice support, hands-free calling with an integrated microphone, and LED button back lights activated by thermal sensor.

Sharkk WAVE 25W Bluetooth Speakers

Adding more to it is the power bank. Yes you did hear it right. It also acts as a power bank for your mobile phones, so that while you groove to the beats your phone gets power- ready. The speaker alone weighs 2.7 lbs, which makes it portable and easy to handle. All the buttons that are requires are placed on the top on the model, which is designed specifically sleek and stylish. It is one of the best portable Bluetooth Speakers of 2017.

#4 Anker Premium 4.0 Bluetooth Speaker

If you want to enjoy high volume of clear and crisp quality audio, in affordable price then this speaker is definitely for you. It is also based on the Maxx Bass technology, with two powerful speakers ready to enhance your sound quality. It can be easily compared to the Bose Mini models, as it has much in common with it. It has a fabric cover, instead of a full aluminum cover and you can easily charge it with a USB charger instead of a separate charger plug. Although you might feel the weight, it has the perfect curves on its body making it even more stylish.

Anker Premium 4.0 Bluetooth Speaker

The power support is also commendable. It provided with 8 hours of battery backup. This means that on an average you can play 165 songs at 50 per cent volume, before having the need to charge it. Anker Premium 4.0 one of the best Bluetooth Speakers till date.

#5 TaoTronics Boom X Bluetooth Speakers

Equipped with dual 10 watt drivers and sub woofers, it gives an unexpected 20 watt pure power. It is compact and something we can easily call good looking. Offered at half the price of expensive brands, it provides wonderful quality of sound. It has an aluminum casing and firm body, so you can place it at locations outside of your house as well.

TaoTronics Boom X Bluetooth Speakers

With a suitable Bluetooth range of 33 meters, it can connect to any device that is Bluetooth enabled functionality. It also offers surprisingly a 6 hour battery back-up, with built in 4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery.

It is very sleek and classy in design. If you play on a volume level of 75 per cent the sound can easily reach to 25 meters away. Adding to its features, you can easily pick up calls from a distance of 5 feet. It comes with a micro USB cable, 3.5mm audio cable, and a user manual.

You definitely need not worry about the audio quality which is already crystal clear and crisp enough to please the ears.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2017

So, with the Best Loudest Bluetooth Speakers crowding the market, it’s time for you to select the best suited and go party ready! Here we have updated best Bluetooth speakers of 2017. If you want to know anything about Best portable Bluetooth Speakers, then comment in below given box.