Best Linux Distro 2017, Top 5 Linux Distributions 2017

best linux distro

Best Linux Distro 2017: All the popular Linux distributions offer a full-fledged graphical interface, known as desktop environment (DE) in which you can work like in any other operating system. So, Linux distro provides different graphical interface to user. There are many Linux distributions available for various different purposes. So, it is difficult to choose a best one in all these distros. That is why here we are best a list of 5 best distributions 2017. Please have a look below.

Best Linux Distro 2017, Top 5 Best Linux Distros 2017

  • Ubuntu:


Ubuntu is much popular and one of the best Linux Distro 2017. It is a Debian based distro, with unity as the default desktop environment. This distro improves with every release. The latest releases are polished, slick, distros, optimized for desktops, laptops and hybrids.

Here we have great news for users that Ubuntu is now available as a mobile platform for a group of smartphones and a few dedicated Ubuntu Touch handsets. The new devices come with Convergence software that allows us to make your smartphone a PC through a wireless HDMI dongle.

  • Mint:


Linux Mint is a modern and one of the best Linux Distributions. The distro is easy to use and based on Ubuntu. It is reliably safe and come with best software managers. It claims to be one of the most popular home operating system after Windows and Mac OS.

Mint comes with a large number of desktop options. You can have the default cinnamon desktop with KDE, MATE, Xfce, Linux Mint Debian edition. Linux Mint offers some default apps like LibreOffice, Firefox, Pidgin and GIMP. This Linux distro works well even in older computers. Mint is better for those who want to get a system that works out of the box.

  • Debian:

Best Linux Distro 2017

Debian is one of the best supported Linux distros and we can say that it is the father of other distros in this list. Debian is completely focused on stability, so new versions don’t often come out. The Linux distribution offers more than 37000 packages. Any software of Linux has a Debian package. Debian can be tried in live mode too before installing it. After using live version, you may go for minimal or full installation. There will be a graphical installed will help you through the process. You may install DE of your wish.

Debian Linux Distro is best for servers and users who want a secure system and for those who don’t want to update their apps again and again. So we must say that Debian is one of the best Linux Distro 2017.

  • LXLE:

Best Linux Distributions 2017

The LXLE is a new Linux distro but it’s already collected praised and satisfied users. It is a lightweight Ubuntu based distro with LXDE as main desktop environment. The goal of LXLE is to provide smooth transition to them who switched from Windows by providing different desktop layouts that mimic the appearance of other OS. The thing made it easy for users to adapt to new Operating System. LXLE optimized for old computers and comes in 32 and 64 bit both.

  • Fedora:


Fedora distribution is focused on latest technologies and innovation. Generally it comes with 3 editions: workstation, server and cloud. There are numerous versions of Fedora which provide different software collections and environments. An important feature is Security Enhanced (SE) Linux which is implemented in Kernel and make Fedora a safer distribution.

Fedora distro is best for advanced users who always want to test latest software and know the value of security. Because of all these features Fedora is one of the best Linux Distribution 2017.

Best Linux Distributions 2017

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