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Best iPhone 7 Cases

Best iPhone 7 Cases List: As we all know that Apple has launched its next-generation iPhone 7 and all are curious about it. Regarding its specifications and other features, people are also interested in knowing all the things that are necessary for its long life. For the device, it is necessary to have a protection from the external attack. You can get the iPhone 7 cases online with an affordable price. So here we are discussing Best iPhone 7 cases (Snugg, Abacus24-7, Ionic Pro, Spigen, Verus, Speck, Apple Cases) that you will be eager to know about.

Best iPhone 7 Cases

Best iPhone 7 Cases
Best iPhone 7 Cases

Best iPhone 7 Covers

Here you will get some of the Apple iPhone 7 cover cases that will be good for preventing your iPhone from damaging. Some of the covers are as follow. There are many iPhone 7 Deals available for best buy.

#1 iPhone 7 Silicone Case

iphone 7 silicone case

This Silicone Case is specially designed for the new iPhone 7 by the Apple’s team. By keeping in mind, the team formed the case that fits snugly over the volume buttons, sleep/wake button, and moves of your iOS device without keeping it bulky.

A layer of soft microfiber is coated on the inside that helps to protect your iPhone. And for the outer look, the silicone soft touch exterior feels great. It will be available in Sea Blue color at a price tag of $35.

#2 iPhone 7 Leather Case

best iphone 7 leather case

The next iPhone 7 case is a leather case that looks very similar to its ancestor handset iPhone 6S case. The case bear some changes over the time for a unique look. This leather case will be available for purchase in 7 colors including a Product Red, there is no blue color option available for iPhone 7.

The main USP of the case is it made up from European leather  and its inside finishing is done with Microfiber  to make your new iPhone 7 scratch and dust free. The new generation iPhone 7 leather case price is set for $45.

#3 Speck Presidio iPhone 7 Cases

speck presidio iphone 7 cases

The Speck has introduced a high-end protective case which is dubbed as Speck Presidio. The Presidio grip can protect your iPhone 7 from a drop of 10 foot. While it’s Presidio Clear, Clear + Glitter and Clear + Print are tested for an 8-foot drop.

These iPhone 7 cases price is starting from $39.95 to $44.95.

#4 Snugg

This is one of the light weight covers that will provide you more space to keep daily basis items along with the money. The interior side is made up of fiber. This cover will protect your iPhone from dirt and drops. The price of this cover is $29.98.

#5 Abacus24-7

In this cover, there are two layers. One is TPU case and other is flip cover. You can easily put your debit card and credit card in it. A part from this it also provides folding stand that will help you to see your movie and reading e-Book. The price of this cover is $19.99.

#6 Ionic Pro

This is another good cover that will protect your device from scratches. You only need to slide your device in it. In this also you will get space to keep other things. The price of this phone is $39.99.

#7 Spigen

This is simple and made of synthetic leather with the space of keeping ID’s and cards. There is also a stand that will give you adjustable feature while viewing your movie or reading e-book. The price of this cover is $19.99.

#8 Verus

This is a good looking cover that gives you enough space for your device and important cards also. The cover offers a great protection to the device. The price of the cover is at $34.99.  

Best iPhone 7 Waterproof Case

Here we are having some of the iPhone 7 Waterproof covers that you will be surly like.

#1 Lifeproof FRE Series

This is one of the good waterproof cases that contain built in scratch protector. This is invisible to the eyes. This will give full protection to your iPhone 7 from the water. There will be no effect on the performance of your device even while getting into water. It also protects the device from dirt, snow, snook. The other color combinations are white and gray, cerulean and apple green, gray and blue, white and pink, purple and gray, orange and brown, lime and brown, peach and pink. The original price of this cover is at 79.99 US dollar but now it is 51.33 US dollar.

#2 PANDAWELL IP-68 Waterproof Case

This is another affordable waterproof case that you will surly like to use. This is fashionable one but very effective one. This is fully sealed in the design and makes a protection from dirt, dust, snow and rain also. It is great for winter season as it is also anti-frost. The color availability is black, blue, pink, purple, white, and mint green.  The original price is at 45.99 US dollar but you can also purchase it at 15.99 US dollar.

iPhone 7 Back Cover

Here we have a look on the best iphone 7 Back covers that will be useful for your device from the external attack and also give a look. These cover not only protect device but also give good look to the device. Following are the back coves for iPhone 7 with all the necessary information. As per the iPhone 6 back cover, you can get the iPhone 7 covers here.

#1 Lunatik TAKTIK Strike

This cover is very good for the protection of the device from the dirt and dust. This light in weight and feature with a switch that allow a user to toggle the ringer on or off easier, there is also an audio toggle seal from which you can choose the level of volume. The price of this cover is at $50.

#2 Cable and Case Armorbox Hybrid Case

This is again good quality cover for iPhone 6. The design importance is given especially to the back side. The main aim is to provide maximum protection and also providing a better grip to your device. There is also a screen protection feature along with this.

Apple iPhone 7 Cases for Sale

So, after knowing about the best iPhone 7 cases for buy and sale, we can expect that you will surely like these iPhone cases for protection. Although iPhone will be launch on 7th September but we are excited about all the things relate to that. For more of the information about the iPhone 7 please stay in touch. We will update more information about the Apple best iPhone 7 Covers here.