Best iPad Air Cases 2017, Best Buy iPad Air Cases with Keyboard

best ipad air cases 2017

Top 6 Best iPad Air Cases 2017 in the Market: Apple’s iPad Air launch brought too many wealthy improvements including ultra A7 chip that allows 64-bit processing power. Also, the renovated iOS 7 platform, and a complete host of proprietary software to shake up the complete user experience. The most prominent changes were in the design, which came with the modern Cupertino slate. The gadget has became most successful tablet of Apple now.

Top 6 Best Buy iPad Air Cases

The iPad Air is 43% thinner and 28% lighter. And with such beautiful delicacy, comes the chances of more scratches and scrapes. It is always important to protect you gadget to make it durable, so why not search for some best iPAd Air cases? Below is the list of some of the selected and best iPad Air cases.

Best iPad Air Cases 2017, Best Cases for iPad Air

#1 iPad Air 2 Smart Case

best ipad air cases for protection
iPad Air 2 Smart Case

The Apple itself offers Apple Smart Case for iPad Air 2. The case is made of leather and exclusively designed to shield the display and body of the iPad Air 2. Its microfiber lining provides a decent protection and is quite smudge-free. The front cover act as a stand and helps a lot while you lie down to watch your favourite movie. Not only this, the built-in magnets wakes your iPad automatically, if the case is unclose. You can get this whooping device for £65. iPad Air 2 Smart Case is one of the best cases for iPad Air 2.

#2 iPad Air Smart Cover

best ipad air cases 2017
iPad Air Smart Cover

So, you have splurged the money on a cool looking iPad back cover, and while using you often feel that, it is not covering the front part. So, here is deal for you by iPad Air Smart Cover. It is very much like iPad smart case but will be attached to the front side through magnets. While doing this, you can also use it as stand. It also does not fail in awakening your iPad when not properly closed with the device. This is the best iPad Air Case in just £29.

#3 Logi BLOK

best ipad air cases with keyboard

.The Logi BLOK is not less than fascinating as a cover for your iPad Air, as it comes with unbelievable protection and pretty smart design. The case comes with a frame for protection of the device and also a detachable keyboard. So, with this, your iPad can be converted into laptop whenever you need to. The corners are squarer, in order to make it more of shock absorbent. You can get this amazing protection tool for £79.99.

#4 Logitech Hinge Case

best designer ipad air cases
Logitech Hinge Case

This is the 2nd protection cover from Logitech which will provide you unpardonable quality hinge, which gives you enough leeway to use your iPad Air 2 in all very different situations. There are eye-pleasing colors available like red and if you are more of a neutral person than black always works best. You can get this for £49.95.

#5 Belkin Qode Ultimate Keyboard Case

best buy ipad air cases
Belkin Qode Ultimate Keyboard Case

If you are “typer,” then this is it for you! You will never regret your money splurging on Belkin Qode Ultimate Keyboard Case for your iPad Air 2 case. The case will bring a QWERTY keyboard with it, which also has those dedicated iPad shortcut keys. The body of the case is made with aluminium and protects both the sides of the device. There also comes a built in stand which is available in white and silver colours. Belkin Qode Ultimate Keyboard Case is one of the best iPad Air cases with keyboard in £149.99.

#6 Nodus Access Case

best protective ipad air case
Nodus Access Case

You will feel not less than a style icon while carrying your beloved iPad air in this case. This case is made of fine vegetable tanned Italian leather, and not only this, it will only enhance in appearance with its ageing, just like any good quality leather would. It comes with micro suction technology, which keep your iPad sticked to one place. While you remove and un-remove this constantly from your device, it will leave no residue behind, so it provides very clean protection! Hence, you don’t have to make it feel so fragile while handling! You can get it for £99.99.

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Best iPad Air Cases with Keyboard

Hopefully, we came with quite interesting and protective range of best iPad Air Cases. You may pick any of these above given best cases for iPad Air with close eye. our experts have done complete research and then came with this list of best iPad cases. Share your experience with us below in the comment box.