Best Headphones under 500, Top 10 Headphones in India Under 500

best headphones under rs 500

Best Headphone under 500: Want a new fast performing Headphone 2016? Does your Headphone give value for its money? We are now going to address all your problems as we provide you our list of best Headphones Under Rs. 500. We give you a chance to put your money where your heart is. Our list has best looking Headphone Under Rs. 500, best gaming Headphone Under Rs. 500, best-budget Headphone, best Headphones Under Rs. 500 for PC, Laptop, etc. which helps you to choose wisely. Our experts assessed all the Headphones best market views are published below. Read them and judge your choice!

Best Headphones Under 500 List

best headphones below 500 list
Best Headphones Under 500 List

#1 HP B4B09PA Headphone

best headphone under 500

The HP B4B09PA Headphone features a cheap frame with high performance. The design and material quality are although not very attractive but the budget price along with some impressive features make it nice gadget to invest in. The Base and Treble levels of this headphone are good. It is ideal for playing games and listening music due to its noise cancellation feature. The cord is a bit short though. For these reasons, it easily takes the HP B4B09PA bags the top slot as the best headphone under Rs. 500 and the best overall budget headphone. The HP B4B09PA Price is Rs. 490 at Amazon.

#2 Philips SHP1900

top 10 headphone in india under 500

By the first looks, Philips SHP1900 best gaming headphone under 500 looks more stylish than its contemporaries in the same price range. It has a solid body, good design, and extra soft cushions. This makes these headphones comfortable to use. It comes with a 2-meter long cord and has 40mm driver units. However, there is no padding on the headbands and the headphones require high impedance devices to work on full potential. The Philips SHP1900 price is Rs. 410 at Amazon.

#3 SADES SA-708 Headphone

top 10 headphone under 500 in india

Looking for a loud sound headphone under Rs. 500, then go for SADES SA-708. It has highly comfortable design with brilliant sound quality. It is also best suitable for all gaming purposes. These headphones isolate you from the surroundings with its extra soft ear pieces and headbands. However people, who like light headphones, should not go for it. It also lacks in the frequency range. The SADES S-708 Price is Rs. 485 at Amazon.

#4 Philips SHP2000

best headphone below 500

Philips SHP2000 is the most solid and reliable headphone under Rs.500 which customers usually go for. When you’re looking for something with rock solid reliability, you should go for this headphone. Whatever Philips SHP200 lacks in display and design it makes it up with its performance. Philips SHP2000 has a comfortable lightweight design and provides a High input of 500mW. The Philips SHP2000 best performing Headphone under 500, however, fails to convert high power into loud sound levels. The Philips SHP2000 Price is Rs. 476 at Amazon.

#5 iDance Free 40 

headphone under rs 500

With iDance Free 40 Price at Rs. 469 at Amazon and compared to most Headphones below Rs. 500, it does offer more bang for the buck by being the best budget Headphone under 500. It’s a Headphone with high Bass and Treble levels. It’s stylish and is great for outdoor uses. This headphone, however, lacks in comfort and has a short cord. It also features an in-built microphone for recording and calling purposes.

#6 iBall Rocky

top headphone under 500 in india

iBall Rocky is the very good choice for people who are ready to sacrifice high performance over durability. This headphone gives a very high sound output. iBall Rocky is an ideal headphone for long session uses and comes with an attached microphone. It lacks however in portability and can prove to be a bit heavy to use. The iBall Rocky Price is Rs. 375 at Amazon. Even though it lacks in some areas, but the price makes it best buy, isn’t it!

#7 Cognetix 800 ICC Cricket World Cup Headphone

headphone under rs 500 in india

Cognetix 800 Headphone is built keeping in view the cricketing fever. India has large fan-following in terms of cricket and it’s considered as a religion in the country. The specialty of these headphones is its 2-meter long cord, detachable ear pieces, and great bass levels. These headphones were officially teased by ICC (International Cricket Council) during the World Cup. This headphone is not available in dark colors and comes with comparatively small earpieces. ALIENWARE 18 price is Rs. 350 at Amazon.

#8 Soundlogic Dyna Bass Headphone

best headphone in india under 500

Soundlogic Dyna Bass Headphone comes with an oval design. The comfort levels of these headphones are unmatched. It’s very lightweight and has 40mm driver units. However, low bass levels, high power to produce loud music, and unsuitability for use with desktops are the areas in which this Headphone lacks. The Soundlogic Dyna Bass Headphone Price is Rs. 299 at Amazon. The features of Soundlogic Dyna Bass Headphone don’t look bad now, do they!

#9 Intex HipPop

best headphone in india below 500

Intex HipPop has a winning design and overwhelming performance. The budget headphone from Intex comes with decent sound quality. It is very lightweight to use and its build makes it very flexible. It is also suitable to work with low-power consumption. However, the cheap material used to make this headphone and uncomfortable ear-pads are the major flaws of this headphone. Intex HipPop Headphone Price is Rs. 234 at Amazon.

#10 Philips PC Headset SHM1900/93

headphone with mic under 500

Philips PC Headset SHM1900/93 is the best resolve for you if want a headphone for your laptop or PC. The Philips PC Headset SHM1900/93 supports an attractive design and an inbuilt microphone. It provides an impressive and quality sound output. The soft cushion on ear cups makes this device a treat to use. The main of this marvelous headphone are – Lack of padding on the headband and requirement of extra power to work at its best to produce good sound quality. The Philips PC Headset SHM1900/93 Price is Rs. 490 on Amazon.

Top 10 Headphones in India Under 500

This was our top 10 Headphone Under 500 list. Feel free to suggest any changes you think we should make by commenting below. Do share your views with us regarding how you like our review. To know more about best Headphones under 500 rupees in India, top performing Headphones below 500, cheap price Headphones under 500, etc. stay tuned with us.