Best Gaming Keyboard – List of Top Gaming Keyboards 2017

best gaming keyboard 2017

Although we may connect our regular keyboard, it is not less than any piece of the puzzle, if you are playing games on PC then it becomes important to choose right keyboard. We all have our own genre of games, so it is important for your peripherals to work proper and give comfort. That’s the reason here we are with a complied list of best gaming keyboard available out there for the best experience with gaming.

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Best Gaming Keyboard, Top 5 Mechanical Keyboards 2017

best gaming keyboard

In this era of gaming technology, every gamer wants to play a game without any interrupt or any hurdles. By their interests, they are searched for best mechanical gaming keyboards, best wireless gaming keyboards and so on.


#1 Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire

best wireless gaming keyboard
Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire

This mechanical animal has cheetah-like speeds. This wireless device is touted as the best mechanical gaming keyboard.

  • Super-responsive keys
  • Beautiful RGB lighting
  • Overly sensitive for typing
  • Heightened keys require a wrist rest

Corsair’s K70 RGB Rapidfire has its perfection in speed. The keys are highly and promptly responsive design. Since the gamer has sensitive Cherry MX Reds, the keyboard is not highly recommended for long typing sessions. Although, it has those customizable RGB lighting. The Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire is priced at INR 22,046.

#2 SteelSeries Apex M800

best gaming keyboard 2017
00 SteelSeries Apex M800
  • Low-travel keys and responsive keys
  • RGB lighting
  • Macro keys
  • Typing takes some getting used to
  • Plasticky build

Although not the fastest keyboards, Apex M800 will give an out of the world, untradeable experience with typing. The prominent feature of the keyboard is its keys, which are 1.5 mm key travel and perform with actuation force45cN, which makes quite fitting for gaming activities. It is the best gaming keyboard 2017 and hanged with a price tag of Rs. 14,999.

#3 Cherry MX Board 6.0

best gaming keyboard india
Cherry MX Board 6.0
  • Excellent typing feel
  • Comfortable low profile
  • Lacks extra features

Cherry’s flagship MX Board 6.0 gives you leeway to type with your wrist watch on, which makes it just perfect for gaming. The keys are placed convincingly close which makes is an excellent typing tool. This is one of those perfect mixtures, which can be equally used for gaming and office purposes. The MX Board 6.0, the best budget gaming keyboard under 15k offered at a price tag of $172.54 (roughly Rs. 11,538).

#4 Razer BlackWidow X Chroma

best budget gaming keyboard
Razer BlackWidow X Chroma


  • Solid construction
  • Razer Green switches
  • Custom RBG lighting profiles
  • Too minimal for some

This Razor BlackWidow X is slightly down reported version of the original BlackWidow. It eliminates top plate to present the aluminum chassis, and it all looks quite going with it. It is offered at a price of Rs. 17,686 for the best gaming experience. Razer BlackWidow X Chroma is one of the best gaming keyboards of 2017

#5 Logitech G810

best mechanical gaming keyboard
Logitech G810
  • Satisfying Romer G switches
  • Minimal design
  • RGB backlighting
  • No USB pass-through ports

Although the keyboard gives a little irritable feel on typing in comparison to other gaming or any other keyboards, its latest console has come with the quite better offering. In case strange markings, weird parts and LCD screens are not your cup of tea, the G810 is one perfect solution for your best gaming keyboard.

#6 Steel Series Apex M500

best gaming keyboard under 1000
Steel Series Apex M500
  • Least made up looks design
  • Quite Attractive blue backlighting
  • No media keys
  • Cherry MX Reds only

Just like the Logitech G810, the Apex M500 avoids all unwanted charms and blows for quite neat and clean design and bare essentials. Although it lacks in media keys and other some extras, this gives the benefit of a quite compact design that spares no unused space. Designed especially for e-Sports, its least leanings are super refreshing, and it appears amazingly great sat on a desk with a companion wrist rest. Steel Series Apex M500 is a best mechanical keyboard in India.

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Best Gaming Keyboards 2017, Best PC Gaming Keyboard

You can swear by our above list of best gaming keyboard. Only a gamer can understand the heavenly need of these keyboards and so we do! Thus, posting a list of top gaming keyboards was quite indispensable for us. Hope we didn’t miss your favourite one, and if we did so, please let us know your opinions below in the comment box. We are eager to hear from you!