Top 5 Best Free iPhone Camera App, Best Free Camera App for iPhone, Free Photo Editing Apps

Best Free iPhone Camera App 2017

Top 5 Best Free iPhone Camera App: Best Camera Apps are becoming the hot trend of gadget industry nowadays as every single person wants to look best in his/her photographs. And if you have an iPhone, you’ll feel an automatic pressure to look best in your photographs. Here we are presenting a complete list of Top 5 Best Camera Apps for iPhone so that you don’t have to go anywhere else in searching of the Best iPhone Camera Apps. For changing an average iPhone photograph to an amazing one an iPhone Best Free Photo Editing App has became the basic need for today’s generation, let’s check it out the iPhone Top 5 Free Photo Editing Apps.

Top 5 Best Free iPhone Camera App, Best Photo Editing App for iPhone

Best Free iPhone Camera App
Best Free iPhone Camera App

All the below apps are very easy to use, having a good quality of your photo as compared to other iPhone Free Camera Apps. Download these apps free from iPhone Play Store and check the changes in your photos and enjoy more. You don’t need to pay while downloading, as all of the apps are free to use.

#1. VSCO Cam

best iphone camera app free
Free VSCO Cam App for iPhone

Created by Visual Supply Company, VSCO Cam works as both Photo Editing App and Best Free iPhone Camera App. It’s filters have so much varieties and are rich in class (unlike other apps which dramatically reduce image quality) that if you used it once, you would never ask any of the other app.

Most of its filters give us soft and slightly faded look of image. This camera app offers a wide range of filters and editing tools. The most important and user friendly function of this app is – Capture, Edit and Share photos. As we have told earlier it’s a basic camera app along with the editing filters.

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#2. Snapseed

Free iPhone Top 5 Camera Apps
Free Snapseed App for iPhone

Apart from the basic photo editing tool, it offers brush tool and healing tool for selective adjustments and removing extra objects from photograph respectively. It is considered the most basic app for every iPhone user to have must.

Wide range of creative filters enhance the mood of image, convert it to black and white, also add textures, blur effect. It’s highly user friendly, just slide your finger up, down, left and right to adjust the editing level.

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#3. Instagram

iPhone Best Free Photo Editing App
Free Instagram App for iPhone

Most of us know Instagram as only a photo sharing platform but no, not like that Instagram works. Instagram Camera App for iPhone works similar to VSCO Cam app. Click , Edit and Share photos with Instagram iPhone Camera App. You share the photos automatically on Instagram by this amazing tool of photography and editing.

Instagram offers more ranges in contrast, color and brightness. After shooting the image you see a lots of options for editing. On instagram if your photos are liked, you’ll automatically get the more followers.

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#4. Pixlr Express

Best iPhone Free Camera App
Free Pixlr Express App for iPhone

It is also a camera plus editing app for iPhone, which allow you to take the photo and then editing. It’s features – Adjustment, Effects, Borders, Overlays, Text and Stickers gives you a fine variety for editing your photograph. It allows you to deeply edit the images by pop up slider, by which you can check even very small changes at every step. Collage making feature of Pixlr Express is the best tool of this app.

Negative side of this Pixlr Express iPhone App for Photo Editing is that the basic version only offers Adjustment tool. For all remaining tools it requires additional in-app downloads.

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#5. Camera+ Free

iPhone Top 5 Free Photo Editing Apps
Camera+ Free App for iPhone

Offered by tap tap tap, Camera+ is a camera app with a superb collection of editing tools. Some of it’s features – Touch Exposure and Focus, Shooting Modes, Photo Flashlight, Grid, Digital Zoom put in the category of Best Free iPhone Camera Apps. It is the best third party camera app for iPhone.

It’s 6x digital zoom and Stabilizer feature gives the close up look and sharp image. Even if you taking a first photo of your life, stabilizer tool works best and gives you a sharp image without any blur. Light box function of it helps you to organize the photos in your iPhone.

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Best Free Camera Apps for iPhone

This list of Free iPhone Top 5 Camera Apps is based on the user reviews and experience. If you have suggestions of any other Best iPhone Free Camera App let us know in the comment section. User’s feedback is always welcomed here for the Best Free iPhone Camera App. Thank you for your valuable time to us.