Best eReader 2017, Top 5 Best eBook Readers 2017

Best eReader 2017

Best eReader 2017: Are you tired from big and thick papers and also hate the strain on your eyes while reading it? We have a solution named eBook readers. Yes these e-readers come with thousands of books stored in it and give the feel of a real paper book. The battery of a eBook reader lasts for weeks.

Most if eReaders comes with 6 inch screen size that looks like a paper and easier on eyes than a colour LCD screen of a phone or tablet. An ebook reader won’t disturb you going to sleep because it not emits a blue light like a LCD. So eReaders are always better for late night study.

They are ideal in size and light in weight, so you can carry it for a long time period. Most of ebook readers comes with a touchscreen and weigh around 200g. So it can be easily fit in your bag. Ereaders could keep going without charging it for weeks. The storage capacity of an Ereader can be extended using memory card. It supports various file type documents like PDF, TXT, RTF, ePub and many others.

There are many ebook readers are available in the market, so it becomes tough to recognize a best ebook reader 2017. So here we have mentioned top 5 best ebook readers 2017, please have a look below.

Top 5 Best eReader 2017, Best eBook Reader 2017

Amazon Kindle Voyage:

Amazon Kindle Voyage

Without any doubt, the Kindle Voyage is one of the best eReaders 2017. The extra resolution, sleek design and page turning buttons are nice. It is worth buying because you will get a better reading experience on Voyage as compared to current generation paper. There are 2 variants of Amazon Kindle Voyage, one with Wi-Fi and other with Wi-Fi + 3G. The ereader with only Wi-Fi costs $169 and on other side the gadget with Wi-Fi + 3G comes in £229.

Amazon Kindle Oasis:


Technically, Kindle Oasis is one of the best ebook readers 2017. The Amazon has done a great job with new small impressive design. The cover of Kindle Oasis is a nice touch and it comes with additional battery life. The price of Kindle Oasis is £269 for Wi-Fi model and £329 for Wi-Fi + 3G model. If money is not a problem then go for Kindle Oasis.

Nook GlowLight:

Best ereaders 2017

Nook GlowLight is a fine eReader if you are wondering for a best ebook reader 2017 with backlight. The gadget is brighter than Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite. It got 4 ratings and it is not much expensive. Kindle Oasis price is just £89 included Vat.

Kobo Aura HD:

Best ebook reader 2017

Kobo Aura HD is a better quality product and a best ereaders 2017. Even after all the snags and problems we experienced our own books in to it. The gadget can provide you much comfort and we gave it 4 ratings after testing it. Kobo Aura HD is available in £140 including Vat.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite:

Best ebook readers 2017

The Kindle Paperwhite is an excellent ereader with brilliant display and superb design and build. The gadget is one of the best ebook readers 2017 because of it provides access of unsurpassed library of eBooks. The minor quibble is that it is not cheap and its battery life. The cost of Kindle Paperwhite with Wi-Fi is $109 and $169 with Wi-Fi plus 3G. It is worth buying.

Best eBook Readers 2017

So dear users, it was the list of best eReader 2017 with explanation. If you still want to know anything else regarding Best Ebook Readers 2017 then you may use comment section. Our team will reach you as soon as possible. Keep checking us for more best ebook reader 2017.