5 Best Chromebook 2017 | Best Chromebooks in India

best chromebook 2017

Best Chromebook 2017: One of the laptops that take your internet experience to the next level is the Chromebook. It might come with certain restrictions, but all the users will agree with the never before one tap internet exposure.

So, it is obvious to mention that Chromebook is another one of Google’s creative initiatives. One of the main hold back is that it doesn’t let you install any third party software or applications. Most importantly, if you are not willing to use internet on your laptop, then Chromebook isn’t made for you. To enjoy its functioning at its best, you need to have an internet connection. Here we are with 5 best Chromebook 2017. So please have a look below before buying an Chromebook.

Chromebooks might not have many features, but they do what they do. There is no extra fuss around it and basically lets you focus, because it has already taken care of all your distractions. Another major benefit is that it is least prone to viruses, which means that you can concentrate on your work, without worrying about silly system issues.

Top 10 Best Laptops

With so many options available in the market, it is difficult which one to choose from. To make your work easier, we have a list of one of the best Chromebooks of the year.

Best Chromebook 2017, Best Chromebooks Laptops in India

  1. Toshiba Chromebook 2:

Toshiba has always been one of the classic laptop titles in the market. And when it came out with chromebook, it had to be one of the finest. There are many qualities that makes Toshiba Chromebook 2 special, one of them being its processor. Its processor is one of the first one to support the Intel ‘i’ line-up processor. It is powerful in its function and light weight as a dream. Toshiba Chromebook 2 is at number 1 position in this best Chromebook 2017 list.

Toshiba Chromebook 2

Toshiba’s efforts towards making the display extra-ordinary can be clearly seen. It has a full HD 1080 pixels display, which outshines every other chromebook in the category. The screen size is 13.3-Inch with Full HD IPS Display. And for the price at which it is offered, it is fighting neck to neck with those with thrice the price. It nowhere lacks in comparison to Macbook Air and other windows laptops. It has a 4GB RAM, which makes its processing speed excellent.

It is offered at a price of #341.86 with storage of 16 GB SSD.

  1. Dell Chromebook 13:

If there’s one chromebook that you can completely trust just going by its looks, is Dell Chromebook 13. It looks reliable and trust worthy. It is solid in its finish and classy designed. Though it is offered at a bit higher price than others in the category, it is highlighted all because of its style and polish. It comes with the Core i3 5005U 2.0 GHz processor and a 4 GB RAM, which is obviously expected at this price. The display is again full HD with a screen size of 13.3 inch. Dell Chromebook 13 is one of the best Chromebooks in India.

Dell Chromebook 13

One of the exceptional advantages of having Dell Chromebook 13 is that it has an amazing battery life. And if you are more of a writer, you will find one of the best and comfortable keyboards for typing. Though it will appear as if it is in a shell, it will make you feel that it can with stand great pressure when put to test. This of course comes at a price. If you are not the one to switch to new laptops easily then, Dell Chromebook 13 will definitely be your companion in the long run. It is currently priced at $430, which seems a little extra in the list, but with those reliable looks it is what it is.

  1. Acer Chromebook 15 C910:

This is one Chromebook that you will find heaviest in the category. Though chromebooks are supposed to be light weighted, that doesn’t stop companies like Acer from leaving their mark of laptops.

Acer Chromebook 15 C910

The Acer Chromebook 15 C910 is an example that Chromebooks have enough power for every task. It provides you with an excellent battery backup that will easily let you complete your tasks without having to worry about the battery too soon.

One of the best things that this Chromebook provides is the remarkable screen size. If you were waiting for a comfortable screen sized Chromebook for endless watching what you want, this is the one for you. It has a screen size of 16 Inch along with a full 1080 pixels High definition display. Acer Chromebook 15 C910 is one of the best Chromebooks you can buy now.

It is priced at $345.93 with a 32 GB SSD storage capacity. It is reliable, has a great performance. Talking of the processor, it is competing well with others in the category with Intel Core i5-5200u 2.0GHz processor and a 4 GB DDR 3L RAM. It is one of the best buys at this price.

  1. ASUS C100P Flip:

Another Chromebook that makes it to the list is the ASUS C100P flip. All along the category if you were looking for a Chromebook that is priced under $300, then your pursuit comes to an end with ASUS’s chromebook.

ASUS C100P Flip

It might not have all those features as others it the category, but it is definitely the one for students. It has a responsive touch and it will go where ever you want it. It is ideal for all those who wanted a tinge of laptop experience on the iPads. The ASUS C100P entry to the Chromebook category makes it more affordable and has a sense of familiarity. It is a convertible, bringing back the very essence once again, after a long time.

It comes with a display of 10.1 inches which is not too great for the list but ideal for students and teachers as well. It has a 4 GB DDR3 RAM. Talking about the processor, it has Rockchip 1.8 GHz Processor, which works decent and is worthy of the price at which it is offered. It is priced at $249.

  1. Samsung Chromebook 2:

Is it is something new that we are talking about, how could Samsung not make its mark. The Samsung Chromebook 2 is ultra- portable which makes it special in the Chromebook category. The display might not be as good as it was expected, but it is all about the stylish design, comfort and portability. The screen is 11.6 inch LED display, which is slightly inferior to Acer and others.

Samsung Chromebook 2

If you were looking for a real stylish and slim Chromebook that keeps you hooked to its keyboard, this is the right choice for you.

It is priced at $400 and comes with an Intel Celeron 2.16 GHz Processor. The RAM is 4GB DDR3L RAM similar to others in the list.

Best Chromebook Laptops 2017

With so many wonderful options available in the market, and a wide range of prices at which they are offered, it’s time to pick the best suites Chromebooks. if you have any other suggestion about best Chromebook 2017, then please share it with us by commenting below.