Best Cheap Earbuds 2017, Top 5 Best Cheap Headphones 2017

best cheap earbuds 2017

Best Cheap Earbuds 2017: Ear phones are becoming a basic necessity of one’s life. With so many choices available in the market, we might get confuses at times of a budget constraint. But there is nothing to worry about.

Here is a fantastic line up of all Best Cheap Headphones 2017 that you can get in the market-

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Best Cheap Earbuds 2017, Top 5 Best Cheap Earphones 2017

  1. Sound Magic E10 In ear phone:

This ear bud has been one of the editor’s topmost picks in the category. It is a balance of almost all essential sound and style components. Adding to all of its extra ordinary qualities is its affordable price. It is easy to fit and quite compatible with the comfort of your ears. You just need to find the position to place the ear buds that suits you. It is also easy and friendlier to use on the streets as it cancels noise. So, all the chatter and unwanted sounds that interrupted your music experience are made to rest with Sound magic E10. The casing of the ear buds is feather light and won’t even make you feel as if you are wearing an external device. You can easily keep it on for longer duration.

Sound Magic E10 In ear phone

If you talk about the physical appearance, it is a pleasure to you sight as it looks premium and classy. The ear buds have a metal casing that makes it look an expensive model. Adding more to it is the excellent sound quality. It has a perfect blend of low and high pitch sounds with optimum base. Basically you can listen to all kinds of music with this set of ear phones. Believe us, Sound Magic E10 is one of the best cheap earbuds 2017 comes for a budget price under $50.

  1. VSonic VSD1S:

The previous version of this model was considered great but the latest one in the row is even better than the best. The fit is extremely comfortable and can be adjusted to most of the ears. The noise isolation is not great or a significant factor, but it is definitely not one of the neglected features. It is advisable to use big ear tips with this piece of earphones as bigger the tip, more will be the sound isolation. It has a slightly V shaped design that makes it one of the most comfortable fits available. In case you have smaller ears you can use the right ear pads according to your size.

VSonic VSD1S

Though the wires make up for the weak part of the ear buds, it is still one of the most durable in budget ear phones. With a matte finish it looks all cool and ravishing. Just take a decent care, and they will go a long way with you. The sound quality is something that you cannot expect from a pair of cheap ear phones. It is at par with expensive models available in the market along with providing a clean and distortion free sound. The base is however balanced and not over powered. It has a great build, that’s why we call it one of the coolest and best cheap headphones 2017 for an under $50 ear bud, with a elegant style and high quality.

  1. Brainwavz S0:

Best Cheap Earbuds 2017

These ear buds are famous for producing extra ordinary sounds at a budget price. Whenever we talk of ear buds their durability comes as a matter of debate especially when they are cheap. In the case of Brainwavz S0, there is absolutely no worry about this aspect. It has a wonderful metal casing along with some strong wires to support them. So even if you mishandle it, let’s say a couple of times by mistake the build quality will protect it from the unwanted damage. It has a sleek classy design that looks stylish if you’re flaunting them. You can call it an extravaganza that you get along with the ear phones. These are the many complimentary ear tips. This also means that you can eventually try all of them and decide what suits you better than the other. They are as light as a feather and can be put on the ears for longer hours without any irritation or burden. They will also serve you well in terms of sound quality. Some aspects such as superiority and cleanliness of the sound are as good as found in other twice or thrice expensive models. The medium base is slightly boosted which can be considered a good factor for the base lovers, also disliked by some. As per our experts Brainwavz S0 is an excellent pair of best cheap earphones 2017 under $50 cheap budget ear phones.

  1. Sennheiser CX300 II Precision Enhanced Base:

Sennheiser CX300 II Precision Enhanced Base

If we are taking about sound, how can the sound market ruling giant Sennheiser not be a part of it. The company manufactures one of the most scientific models designed for a premium quality sound experience. One of the best things about Sennheiser is that it manufactures not only at a higher price range but also at easy affordable ones. Talking about the Sennheiser CX300 II, it has a deep base and is a treat to the ears of all the base lovers. It is at par in all the aspects. The noise isolation is pretty impressive and better than other in the list. It also guarantees you a light weight great fit and adjustable ear tips. It is so easy to put on that some even use it for sports. The high build quality makes it up for its durability. It is indeed easy to untangle and saves a lot of time. The base is the dominant factor in the sound quality experience of these ear phones. It produces almost twice the enhanced bass and slightly less balanced sound. The best part is that it is Sennheiser and is affordable that can easy fit to your budget.

  1. Xiaomi Piston 3:

Best Cheap Headphones 2017

Another popular brand has its earphones make it to the list of best cheap affordable ear phones. Xiomi’s Piston 2 was replaced by the third generation advanced and better Piston 3.0. The new model brings a lot of new features, modifying a great deal of the previous generation. The price may be higher than some in the list but it definitely accounts for every bit of it. The sound isolation is pretty good adding to which you get a decent ear tip along with the original packaging. It is comfortable and much lighter than the previous model. This means that you can easily put it on for linger hours without any hassle. The cables are nylon protected which also accounts for its light weightiness. The design is slightly V shaped along with in line controls present. It is again a delight for the base listeners as you get a punched base. Xiaomi Piston 3 is at last place in our list of Best Cheap Earbuds 2017 that doesn’t mean they don’t perform good.

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Best Cheap Earphones 2017, Best Budget Earbuds 2017

Nowadays everyone wants a good pair of earphones in budget. This is the reason here we are with a list or best cheap earbuds 2017. You may select any of them and order it now. We have listed these headphones in this Best Cheap Headphones 2017 list after checking them on all aspects of design, performance and durability. If you have any query in your mind, then ask it now.