Best Browser Games 2017, Top Free Web Browser Games of 2017

Best Browser Games 2017

Best Browser Games 2017: Hate your desk job? Well! I may not be able to help you with that. But I can definitely give you some crazy solutions to set your work aside and have a quick gamers’ timeout. Everybody loves to play games, no matter how silly they are. The only condition is that they should be excessively engrossing and addictive. Have a look at the best free browser games designed for you so that you may take some time off your boring work and engage in some silent killing activity, if you prefer that. But make sure to mute before you get going. All the best with not getting caught!

Best Browser Games 2017, Top Online Browser Games

#1 League of Angels

League of Angels

Crazy all about fantasy? Just buckle up your seat to play this fantasy realistic game League of Angels. You are taken into a world of angels and evil creatures and constantly churned between them. All you have to do is save what needs to be saved battling the evil forces simultaneously. League of Angels is one of the popular and best browser games of 2017.

#2 Motherload


Love digging? Well! It might seem messy in reality but you can dive down to different depths by digging endlessly in this cool browser game. Motherload lets you dig into the Martian soil and uncover the secrets and mysteries hidden there. You go on exploring the depths of the soil till you find the hidden treasures. All you require your reliable digger to do is to dig deeper and deeper and further deep. And as dig you deep, you will unlock various upgrades and better protection and tools for your trustworthy digger. The more you unlock, the more it has in store for you. You may run out of fuel or other supplies, but as you go along the soil, digging you will get your surplus as well as other game points and goodies.

But let me tell you that it is addictive and engrossing. You will find it hard to give up and get back to your normal work. So if you have a craving to dig down deep, I bet you to get out of this game!

#3 A Dark Room

A Dark Room

If you have the rush to learn management skills for survival or be Bear grills in other words, you can consider playing ‘A dark room’. It is a text and menu based game, where the supplies are limited and you have to keep alive a community. When there is cold you might have to stoke a fire or if you run out of woods you will have to gather them. The adventure along the game can be a long and harsh one as surviving animal attacks also becomes important.

And just like the name you can turn on or off the screen lights too. Play Dark room when you are keen on sitting back and feel like saving a small world. Whatever you do, just build up your store. Nowadays people search for best free browser games. so for those people A Dark Room is one of the best free browser games of the year.

#4 Unsolicited


Much like the game Papers, Please, this is another paper time based game. Time is limited and you have to fill in e-mails on behalf of various charities, credit card companies and timeshare schemes. So you are casted as a junk e-mail sender. It might not sound as an interesting game, but it is engrossing as you have to fill in the correct data against the race of time. It turns out to be a challenging game and more or less it is fun to be a worker.

#5 Wizard of Wor

Wizard of Wor

Remember Mario days? This game will definitely remind you of it. It is missing the sound though. It seems like an old school game title. You roam in to the dark space into mazes that are claustrophobic at times. Save yourself from the monsters that are eager to meet you on the way and blow your face off with the deadly fire. The best of all is the two player mode that you get in the game. One can use the keyboard keys while the other mouse. Given the chances that both the players can shoot each other as well, things may get a bit interesting. Leaving apart everything even its old looks and conventional charm it is fun to play. Wizard of Wor is one of the top online browser games of 2017.

#6 10 Bullets

10 Bullets

Yes, it is exactly the way it sounds. You might ask the difference between this game and other similar enemy shooting games. The difference lies in the limitation of bullets. You get only 10 bullets in the game. And the goal is to destroy as many enemy crafts as possible. They cheat codes are the debris from one destroyed craft that help abolish others as well. So all you have to do is to hit an enemy craft in such a manner that the debris from that craft destroys all others surrounding it. With good shot and strategy you can even kill all the enemies with just one shot. The game shows the total number that you have smashed at the end of your 10 shots. The sound of the game is something that will catch not only yours but everybody else’s attention around you. So if you are playing it in a crowded area, just make sure to mute the sounds to avoid being caught.

#7 Worm food

Worm food

It is an interesting game to play since you are casted as a warm. You are a desperately hungry warm in the game, peeping every now and then from the ground in search of food. And you don’t even matter eating town folks. So before the time runs out eat as many town folks as possible. You might hit your head several times with the rocks and windmills present on the ground, but make sure you grab all that comes in your way. And if you manage to get to the next level, then you might get mines planted by smart humans in your way. Just enjoy being a warm and gallop all the shouting farmers over the land.

#8 Gods will be Watching

Gods will be Watching

Again a survival management game, but this time with graphical interface. You will find human beings trapped in cold, with all communication devices destroyed. You have to be their saviour and safely get them out of the suffering place in a game span of 40 days. You have to take care of all their needs including attention, sustenance, food, health and medical with your daily moves. This game was expanded to a full version PC game in 2014.

#9 Doom


The one game that doesn’t need introduction in the category is DOOM. It is the same First person Shooter fantastic game ready to make you hit your targets. Those of the DOOM generation know its value and charm, while the new people must not miss and give it a try as one of the best browser games you will come across. It is a kill at sight FPS. What more do you need?

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Best Online Browser Games, Top Free Browser Games

Here we have updated Top 9 best browser games of 2017, so if you are searching for best free browser games then check this list. If you have any suggestion regarding best online browser games then share it with us. Your suggestions are valuable for us.