Best Backup Software 2017, Top 5 Free Data Backup Software for Windows & Android

Best Backup Software 2017 Free

Top 5 best Backup Software 2017:- Security over this technical world has become a major concern for people as to storing or conserving the data for their own sake. What if your hard drive fails, your computer crashes, files got corrupted, Pc or laptop was stolen in order to secure your music, videos, files, and data. Etc. so in order to secure all these data and stuff all you need is to take backup of your data. You small efforts can make your important data safe and secure. So, we have given the list of best data backup software for windows, android mobiles, mac, Linux, ubuntu, windows server, etc. Please check the list of best free backup software of 2017.

Top 5 Best Free Backup Software 2017 List

There are bunch of software which is available in the market to backup all of your data either to an external hard drive or to cloud storage. Backup software enables you to backup your data automatically after a certain interval of time or whenever recommended so that all your important or precious data will be safe. but the main question which arises which software will be the best choice for saving your data and keep it safe or which backup software will play the best role now no more need to worry about it because now we have come up with this article of best backup software in which we will help you with the list of top 5 backup software. Which will entitle you to choose the best one of your preference.

Best Backup Software 2017, Top 5 Data Backup Software

Best Backup Software 2017 Free

#1 Acronis True Image 2016

Best Backup Software for windows
Acronis True Image 2017

Acronis True image 2016 is a full featured backup software. It is a paid software which comes up with a 30 day free trial. Which this software you can easily customise all your data to an external hard drive or can create a overall image of your PC. It delivers a large no of amazing features like sending mails when backup needed or backup done it also offers 5GB of online free storage. So it is a best choice to make.

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#2 AOMEI BackUpper Standard

Best free Backup Software for android
AOMEI BackUpper Standard

AOMEI backupper standard is another best in class backup software which comes with decent and delicate interface along with a lots of unique features like backup scheduling, file partition over the disks. This software comes with both free and paid version so it is a fully loaded backup software.

#3 EaseUS ToDo Backup

top 5 best backup software for mac
EaseUS ToDo Backup

EaseUS todo Backup is another classy backup software which offer amazing features like smart backup software which specifies the software and checks up the folders and specifies that whatever has changed. It also features backup encryption. So it’s a commendable choice to make.

#4 CrashPlan

top best backup software for windows server
CrashPlan backup software

CrashPlan is another easy to handle backup software which mostly satisfies the need of most of people this software offer a commendable free version with full on features like free unlimited backup to external drives and online storage with unlimited space as well So a good freeware choice to make.

#5 Paragon Backup and Recovery 15 Home

Free download Backup Software 2017
Paragon Backup and Recovery 15

Paragon backup and recovery 15 home is another feature-rich backup software. It has sleek interface with a minimum difficulty to take backup and also has powerful managing also comes with both free and paid software and a tremendous choice to make.

Best Data Recovery Software 2017

Top 5 Best Data Backup Software 2017

So these are the best backup software 2017 now you can choose the best one of your preference. Hope you liked the article of top 5 best free backup software for android, windows, pc, linux, ubuntu, mac, etc. Thanks for reading but if you find that we missed any best backup software then please do mention it in the comment section below. And stay tuned for more amazing updates.