Best Android Weather App 2017, Top 5 Weather Apps for Android

best android weather app

The 5 topmost best android weather app for Android Review 2017:- The reason why android has become the largest platform to smartphones that are widely used over the world due to its complexity of applications and features. The another feature that keeps on pounding the audience is the weather forecast feature with the help of which we will get to know the climate outside the world just by sitting at a place all you need is weather app handy. Now no need to turn on your television and wait for the weather forecast to detail. But now you can do it just by tapping over your phone. Most of the smartphones now came with pre- installed widget for weather forecast. Here we have some best android weather apps 2017.

Best Android Apps 2017

But the main question which arises over here is that which application is best and trustworthy. That is why we have come up with this article of best weather forecasting application for android platform in which we will list up the 5 best android weather application. So that you will be able to decide the best one of your preference.

Best Android Weather Applications

Best Android Weather App 2017, Top Weather Apps for Android

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#1 AccuWeather

best weather app for android 2017
AccuWeather App

AccuWeather is one of the most renowned android application as it truly described by its name as it gives the accurate weather feedback and extended with more amazing features like radar, Minutecast, and hourly flash report. This application also handles a good bunch of information so overall it is a very cool and smart choice to make.

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#2 1Weather : Widget Forecast Radar

top 5 weather apps for android phone 2017
1Weather : Widget Forecast Radar

1Weather is another personalized and established application that is used by many people is dominate over the minds of people from a quite long time. It is a beautiful and best android weather app with a dark theme. It also enables android wear support with form of three-card notification. That is why it is a cool choice to make.

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#3 The Weather Channel

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The Weather Channel App

The weather channel is a simple go to weather application which is best in world weather news forecast. It also features wind forecast and pollen so if you are moreover concerned for the world weather then it is a best-suited choice.

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#4 Google News & Weather

best android weather application 2017
Google News & Weather App

Google News & Weather is another established and integrated application which usually came pre-installed in most of the smartphones and keeps on sending weather notifications continuously and you can always check it on the right top so it seems more easier so it is a standard and classic choice to make.

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#5 Eye in Sky Weather

top 5 best weather applications for android mobile
Eye in Sky Weather App

Eye in sky weather is personalized with an eye-catching interface and good application with a dash clock support and auto reimbursed notifications and also have options to customize the weather widget so overall a smart choice to make.

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Best Weather App for Android

So these are some of the best android weather app 2017 which will help you in deciding the best one of your preference. Hope you liked this article of top 5 weather forecasting application for android. Thanks for reading, and if you think that we forgot to mention one of your choice then please let us know through comment section below and stay tuned for more amazing updates