Best Android Launcher Apps 2017, Top 5 Best Free Launcher Apps for Android, Check Download Details

best android launchers apps

If you don’t like your home screen and want to change it then you may download an Android launcher app and change the look of your home screen. In this article, we have come up with the list of Best Android Launcher Apps 2017 for android smartphones and tablet. Most of us get bored with the way our smartphones feel, the user interface. If want to try something other than the same old icons on the home screen then you can install one of the below named launchers and customise the UI of your smartphone. Some launchers also come with different themes and some added functionalities like smart folders, assistive search etc. Below I have listed my favourite top 5 android launcher apps and I will try a few more best launchers for android smartphones and update the list to make it a top 10 list probably so keep in touch.

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Top 5 Best Android Launchers 2017, Best Launcher Apps for Android

#1 ADW Launcher 2

This is the best Android Launcher Apps of 2017 that gets the top place in our list of best launcher apps of Android. Earlier, there was a flaw that the developer stopped updating the launcher, but as for now, the project is updated and again it comes with a sign of victory.

best launcher app for android

The launcher app for the Android is up to date with all the new features including shortcuts for the latest Android 7.1 Nougat OS. Additionally, the app is fully customised with a variety of theming and customisation options. The app is available for download for the pro-version and as in-app purchase for $3.49.

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#2 Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher can be titled as the best alternate launcher app for android out there. With more than 8 lacs download and a 4.6/5 rating Nova launched has enjoyed immense popularity among the Android mobile phone users all over the world. The Nova Launcher is simple, sleek, clean, customizable and comes with tons of features and more.

Best Android Launcher Apps 2017
Nova Launcher App for Android

It also provides its users to tweak a number of settings on the launcher. The launcher provides various options from icon packs to color themes, there are app drawer customizations and scrollable docks. The folders have different set of settings and all this make Nova is a highly functional launcher and it depends on the user how he wants to use it whether be subtle or highly tweak it.

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#3 Apex Launcher

Free Android Launcher Apps 2017
                             Apex Launcher App for Android

With over 2 lakhs download and a rating of 4.3 Apex Launcher is the second best launcher in our list. The launcher comes with a good blend of aesthetics, features, and performance. This android launcher allows up to nine screens and you can customize the homescreen grid size. There is infinite scrolling , a scrollable dock up to five pages, cool transition animations, large number of folder styles and a number of app drawer styles.

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#4 Action Launcher 3

Launcher Apps for android
                            Action Launcher 3 Apps for android

The Action Launcher 3 Launcher will particularly be liked by the fans of Windows. The highlight feature of the launcher is a bar (that will remind you of the Windows Start Menu), which pops up on the left of the screen. This allows you to easily find your favorite apps without cluttering up the home screen. This app launcher android allows the users to completely customize the all apps list and play around with the icons, layout, and colors.

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#5 Arrow Launcher

best launchers for Android mobile phone
                  Arrow Launcher for Android Mobile Phone

Next on this list of the best launchers for Android mobile phone if the Arrow Launcher from the house of Microsoft and in fact Microsoft has done a pretty impressive job with their first Android Launcher. The launcher sorts the apps according to the frequency of their usage. With right and left swipes you can access contacts, widgets page, recent app activity and a handy notes and reminders page. Just a swipe upwards from the bottom opens up the system settings.

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#6 Google Now Launcher

top 5 best Android Launcher apps
 Google Now Launcher  For Android

If you are looking for a launcher that will provide you a stock Android feel than the Google Now Launcher is the one that you need to install right away. This launcher also brings in some powerful data and search functions. If you don’t already know, this launcher is the one that comes preinstalled on Nexus devices. Swiping right on the home screen bring to you a list of Google Now cards with various important information you want, when you need it. You can even use voice commands to search files and complete various everyday tasks. Google Now is one of the best android launchers of the year.

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Best Launcher Apps for Android, Best Android Launchers

These were our top 5 best Android Launcher apps and like I already said, I will update the list with more launchers after I spend some time using them. I have included free Android Launchers in this article but these have a paid version too with more added features. You can even let me know which Android Launcher should I try next and I will get details on that for you too. If your favourite android launcher is not in this best free launcher apps for android list, then let us know through comments. We will update the list, if we like your suggestion. So dear friends, keep in touch.