Best Action Games of 2017, Top 3D Action Games for Computer

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Best Action Games 2017: Are Puzzle or crossword games too boring for you? Is your head always up to innovating new fighting techniques? Do you think that the simpleton killing way is too mainstream, while Assassin Creed’s leap of faith and parkours are more than a cool thing? And you cannot miss a single chance on your enemies. I need not tell you now that you are already a diehard action lover. Your killing instincts are the game winning ones. check best 3D action games for PC here and install then in your gadget to play.

It is interesting to note how the world has taken a giant leap from the 8 bit era to the 64 bit that can be seen now days. Not just the operating system has evolved around it but also all the applications and programs. The major impact of this upbringing of this technology can be seen in the enhancement of graphics. Remember the Mario days? It was so amazing to know that everything in the game including various levels, a buzzing sound and indifferent colors was fir just into an 8bit functional application. The days still have their preserved charms.

But now here comes your warrior smashing all of them and giving you a thrilling kill experience. And you feel like you’ve just been hit. The transition from 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions has changed the way we look at everything. We don’t want the simpleton now. It is all about what gives you more a realistic experience.

If we talk of 3D what comes best in our heads is the action part, because indeed nothing can be viewed without live effects. You need to get through the entire angles pretty well and kill your enemy. Not just that the punch should be felt deep down the heart sunk through the gaming experience. Just get over the 2D easy sport, it is all about looking through the first person real eye and enjoy the scintillating fire blast of the enemies play arena.

With the year coming to an end, we bring to you the best action games of 2017. If you’ve missed on any of these, just take your shot before the year ends-

Best Action Games of 2017, Top PC Action Games 2017

#1 Battlefield One

Battlefield One

The game might have released in the past years but has managed to maintain its charm even this year. You can easily find both the single player and multi- player options of game play. So if you have an action loving partner, this game is all you need to action pack things between you two. This game released with its enhanced graphics for both Play station 4 and X Box One. So both the console competitors are enjoying it equally. You can enjoy the dynamic destruction and deformation of the once beautiful terrains. For those who have already played this game, know about its mystique, while others shouldn’t miss out on it. Battlefield One is the one we always love to play because of its charm. So the game is one of the best action games 2017.

#2 Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4

If you want to be a part of bloody shooter’s campaign then you may consider Gears of War 4. It is equally well for new comers and the champions out there. This game is one of the X Box’s celebrated titles. The game play provides many options to the characters of the game. SO basically you have a lot many things to do in the game just apart from blowing the enemy’s head off. Though, Microsoft’s best games, it does not let you play Marcus this time. Instead you are his fashionable son. So get ready to indulge in the killing experience by choosing your weapons in style.

#3 Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider

The game has revived after a long time and with even more charm. It obviously can be played on all platforms of PC, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One considering its everlasting craze. It is one of those classics that rejuvenate itself with the same instincts again and again. Needless to mention, the game has improved the adventure action experience than before with the extraordinary many options. So you can celebrate the 20 year edition of the Tomb Raider Saga, with some wonderful wandering experience along with action packed sequences locked in the middle. The game is one of the best computer action games from a long time period.

#4 Overwatch


If it is the action gaming category, how can Overwatch be over looked? One of the classic shooting games is filled with action packed sequences and thrilling killing experience. Released in May this year, it is available on platforms like PS4, Xbox One and PC, so that none of the users miss out on its lingering experience. The attack is crisp and easy to identify, so you know about the characters and who is doing what. The game looks great, performs great and is extremely user friendly and entertaining. The good graphics possess no lag or glitches in the game.

#5 Hitman


Episode two, Sapienza: Yes, it sounds great for an action game, isn’t it? You get elaborate and plentiful hits in the game. Also there is no running short of the game play area as it is massive. It is the second sequel of the existing Hitman game. It performs exceptionally well in terms of mission accomplishment and quality. It has so much for action in store for you. Consider accidents, incidents, and multi-part assassinations embedded in one single game. Hitman is fascinating and intriguing at the same time. Hitman is also known as one of the best action games.

#6 Doom (2016)


If it is a first person shooter, then it has to be Doom. There is a lot of stuff in the game packed for your entertainment. With great music there to add to your shooting enjoyment, there are some major great Glory kills. Just remember that it is a fast game and you need to apply your presence of mind to take care of all the jam packed action sequences and save yourself from the deadly enemy attacks. It is fun and entertaining and that is all that one needs to remember. Though, the first game released quite a long back, it is back this year with improved graphics and better than before game playing experience. It released in May this year and is available in almost all platforms like PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC for its action fans.

# Best 3D Action Games of 2017

#7 God of War

God of War

If there is one game that is the God of 3D Action it is God of war. You will find characters all suited up for action sequence. There are weak attacks at times and heavy attacks for different game plays. For those who have already played the game, know who Kratos is. And for the ones just reading this, Kratos is the central character of the story also known as the Ghost of Sparta. The amazing 3D graphics of the game makes it one the top picks in the category. The popularity of the game is spread among all the action game lovers. The extent can be determined just by the fact that Kratos has become the action game mascot of all times. Though the story of the game has ended, it would not be fair for the first timers, so don’t worry. There’s no disclosing here. Stay calm and give it a shot. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that God of War is an evergreen classic game. God of War ie one of the best 3d action games for computer.

#8 Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry

Have the super duper action skills that might make even the devil cry? Well! If you are a fan of angel and devil stories, then this game is the one for you. Devil may cry initially was suppose to be the sequel of Resident evil, but seems it turns out to be a bit more interesting and action sequence. The story is engaging with complete action sequences between Dante and demons. You might also meet the creepy aliens along the way. And if you understand the story well, some heartbreaking scenes await you to spice the flying Dante and spread across fire in the game. As name suggests Devil may cry, it is an interesting and one of the best action games.

#9 Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia

One of the most played games; Prince of Persia is one classic that makes it to the list. It has all the interesting characters and twisting plots along with advanced 3D graphics that let you take real high jumps and climb across the mountains with enhanced graphics quality. The game is often called as ‘3D platformer’ more than an action game. The game will provide you decent 3D action experience with good fights, entertaining music, deadly fires and soothing waterfalls. So, you can go back in time and actually kill your enemies and then just bounce back to normal. But beware don’t let the sands of time slip away from your destiny. So share your 3D experience with after playing top 3d action games given in this list.

#10 Dynasty Warriors

Dynasty Warriors

If you are up to just fun in playing experience then try Dynasty warriors. Some games have more complex stories than the Oscar winning titles, no need to worry that is not the case here. Dynasty warriors just prompt you to kill and kill and wreck everything. It is more of a direct entertaining 3 dimension action game. The characters in the game are high on style and geared up for a complete action packed performance. But, apart from everything else, it is entertaining.

#11 Castlevania


There might be some unresolved quarrels about this one, but leaving all aside Castlevania makes it to the list of top 3 Dimension action game. It has an emotional factor attached to it, since the story begins with how an innocent man was forced by the wrath of circumstances to be something different. The man becomes a night omnipotent being. It has action along with mind strategies and story line. It is also one of the most popular games till date. The success of the game also lead to the Angelina Jolie starrer blockbuster movie, Tomb Raider. So, get ready to dive down deep with this exploration 3D action game.

#12 Resident Evil

 Resident Evil

There are many sequels of the game, clearly demonstrating its metal among the action game players. The game play is designed in such a way that it is set as moving through real time environments. One of the good parts of the game is that it enables first person viewpoint. The gameplay and graphics have considerably taken a leap in the later versions of the game like the resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. You will find a lot of action play in the game. Adding more to it is the timed play, where kill as many enemies that you can within a set time frame.

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Best PC Action Games 2017, Free 3D Action Games

This article is for those who loves thriller and action games. In this post we have described top 6 best action games of 2017. At the end, we want to request our users if they have any suggestions regarding best 3D action games for PC, please share with us. Stay connected with us.