Asus Zenbo – A $599 Home Robot that Can Walk, Talk, Sing, Dance, Click Pictures


Asus Zenbo Home Robot: If you have always wanted to have a robot like the BB-8 from Star Wars, one that could follow you around and talk to you, well you have your wishes fulfilled now, thanks to – Asus Zenbo. Zenbo is a  home robot from the Taiwanese electronics company Asus, which the company had revealed in its Zenvolution Event which kick started the Computex 2016. Jonney Shih, the Asus’ chairman described the robot as a smart home manager, a hands-free assistant in the kitchen, a security guard, and also a family photographer. Read on to get all the details about the Asus Zenbo price, features, stuffs it can do

Asus Zenbo

Zenbo Home Robot from Asus
Asus Zenbo – A Cute Little Companion

In terms of looks, thought the Zenbo does not look as cute the BB-8 but it does look lovable. The device looks like a combination of the iMac G4 and a Sony Rolly. On paper, the Zenbo Home Robot can recognize family members, seek them out; it can play music and videos, speak reminders; tell stories to the kids. The Asus home robot can also answer queries about recipes, TV schedule that too in speech. The Zenbo is said to he capable to interact with humans, even buy stuffs online and log into accounts and click pictures.

One of the most highlighting feature of the Zenbo is that it can connect to and control different smart home systems, provided enough manufacturers open up their systems and integrate with the Asus Zenbo.

Asus Zenbo Cool Features

Check out some of the main Asus Zenbo Features according to the official website –

Asus Zenbo Robot
Asus Zenbo – Perfect Companion for the Young and Old?
  • Move freely and independently around the house and assist anywhere
  • See with his camera, recognise faces, take photos and videos, make video calls and provide remote home monitoring
  • Speak convenient audible reminders of important information and be an entertaining storyteller for children
  • Hear and respond to your naturally spoken requests and questions.
  • Enjoy music anywhere in the house with Zenbo’s high-quality built-in stereo.
  • Connect to and control smart home devices, order items online, and interact with connected services.
  • Learn and adapt to your preferences with proactive artificial intelligence.
  • Express emotions with many different facial expressions.

Asus has also shared a video to demonstrate how the new bot Zenbo would live along with its family members and how it would affect their life. Check the video below – 

Asus Zenbo Price, Availability

As for the Asus Zenbo price, the cute home robot will cost you $599, but the company is yet to share any details about the Zenbo availability and when will the new Asus personal robot assistant will start its sales. If the device ever sees a launch in India, the Asus Zenbo Price in India can be expected to be kept around Rs. 40,000. Tell us what do you think about the Zenbo in the comments section below, do you find it cute or are worried that the robots will take over the world someday.