Apple Watch 2 and iPhone 6C Could Unveiled in March


Apple’s launch events follow a specific pattern, so following that pattern Apple is said to be planning an event in March 2016 in which it is expected to introduce the second generation of Apple Watch and it’s rumored 4-inch iPhone 6C. This will allow Apple to start shipping the new Apple watch in April and that will be an year after it started shipping the first generation of the Apple watch.

The first generation of the Apple Watch has not been able to enjoy the same popularity as its iPhones do and the watch still feels like a work in progress but that does not deter Apple from soon following its Watch with an improved successor and going by the reports published on 9to5Mac, Apple has planned to fill the new version of the Apple Watch with some interesting features like new camera for the watch, health sensor technologies and wireless, sleep tracking, but as of now, these are still in the ‘being worked on’ stage and it is yet not clear, which of these technologies will find its place in the new Apple Watch planned to be launched in March. The first generation of the Apple Watch last received color, band and software updates in September.

Apple Watch 2 and iPhone 6C Could Unveiled in March


Along with the Apple Watch, the reports also suggested that the new rumored 4-inch iPhone will be unveiled along with the 2nd gen Apple Watch. The last iPhone to have used the 4 inch screens were the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, out of which the iPhone 5S is still available now.

Apple notched up the screen sizes to 4.7 inches in the iPhone 6 and 6S but there is still a large group of people who prefer the 4 inch screen sizes for its easy one handed usability and Apple is the only leading smartphone manufacturer which still manufactures a 4 inch smartphone so Apple will want to cater to this group of smartphone users. Not much is know about the specifications of this upcoming iPhone 6C but its specs are expected to fall somewhere between the specs of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S. According to the latest reports, Apple will leave out the 3-D Touch feature from the iPhone 6C and the Apple A9 chip will be retained in the new iPhone.

This will be the second March Event for Apple in a row and it promises to be a worth looking forward to event.