Apple May Eliminate Headphone Jack in iPhone 7


Rumors about Apple iphone 7 has been coming out since the launch of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. As according to a recent report, Apple may eliminate the 3.5mm audio jack from iphone 7. It indicates that the Apple’s future phones may connect to a headphones via bluetooth or a lightning connector.

Apple has already eliminated the extra ports from the mac book as well. The new macbook features only two ports that are a headphone port and a USB Type C port. Apple has done it many times like at the time of launch of iPhone 5, Apple has eliminated its 30 pin dock connector  in favor of a smaller lightning connector.

Apple May Eliminate Headphone Jack in iPhone 7


Apple may remove Home Button from iPhone 7. iPhone 7 may come with the touch ID moved to the side of the device, as opposed to the front and that Apple’s 3D touch feature may enable it.

In September, Apple received a patent for flexible electronic devices, suggested that iPhone 7 may come with a edge to edge displays. Apple future devices are always in the talks due to its popularity. Apple has not confirmed anything about iPhone 7 till now. The company will be back with a preparation because iPhone 6S and 6S plus didn’t get success to create history.    

So Apple’s user will get some disappointment because their existing earphones will not work with Apple iPhone 7.