Apple iPhone 6 Review


Apple iPhone 6 Review: Apple has come up with their latest iPhones, the 6S and the 6S Plus and these phones will be available in the Indian market from October 16. But what comes as bad news for all of us who wanted to upgrade or move to the 6S is that going by the recent speculations and rumors, the iPhone 6S will have crazy starting price of 62000 INR.

Nevertheless, like each year, we are expecting a price cut in the prices of the previous year’s iPhones, the 6 and 6 Plus which might well become a good option for many willing iPhone buyers who want to shift to the iOS ecosystem.


Look at the Apple iPhone 6 Review:

When Apple released the iPhone 6 in 2014, it was among the hottest smartphones in the market.

It was the first iPhone to feature a big enough screen, the sharp edges were bid adieu, a rethought design and they made sure to load the iPhone 6 with loads of custom software and hardware features.

The perfect culmination of both hardware and software made the iPhone 6, the most innovative and powerful iPhone ever.

But as the iPhone 6 has aged a bit and Apple’s competitor in the Android World have come up with large number of top end devices, does the iPhone 6 still make for a good bet.

With the release of the latest iOS 9 software from Apple with all the features it already had, it could be the best choice for all bargain hunters.


01. Display 4.70 inches
02. Resolution 750×1334 pixels
03. Processor Apple A8
04. RAM 1 GB
05. Storage 16 GB
06. Rear Camera 8 MP, iSight Camera
07. Front Camera 1.2 MP, iSight Camera
08. OS iOS 8.0, upgradable to iOS9.0
09. Battery 1810 mAh

Build and Design:

Though the iPhone 6 does not have the shiny, sharp, machined edges like the iPhone 5S but it in no way any less premium than its predecessor. The iPhone 6 features rounded edges and it looks beautiful, the glass and the aluminum feels like fusing into each other, giving the iPhone a brilliant feel.

At the thickness of 6.9 mm, it is the slimmest iPhone and the rounded edges feel softer on the palms.


Things that you might not like about the build and design of the iPhone are the camera protrusion at the back, I particularly hate this, and it just feels odd. The phone is very much slippery and it tends to slip out of your hands many a times and if you don’t want scratches, bends or a cracked screen you better invest in accessories and a nice screen protector. I have heard and read people complaining about the plastic bands for antenna at the back, I for one do not have much problems with that.

The iPhone 6 may not be as big an attention seeker as the iPhone 5S but it has a polished design. The iPhone 6 is elegant, refined and ergonomic.


The display size is one of the USPs this time for the iPhone 6, standing at 4.7 inch the retina display looks brilliant. Retina Display is term that Apple uses to say that you will not be able to spot pixels with your eyes in normal usage.

Since the iPhone 4, Apple has been using 326 ppi in every iPhones and it remains the same in the iPhone 6 too. This means that in the iPhone 6, you will be getting the same screen quality as the iPhone 5S.


On paper Apple lag behind its competition in the screen department but like the Apple Camera, just the on-paper specifications do not tell the complete story.

In my usage of the phone found that the screen is brilliant and offers a good reproduction of  colors, the screen can be used efficiently under direct sunlight.  Though while displaying blacks, the phone leaks light cause of the low contrast ratio.

People waiting for the Sapphire Glass will have to wait more as Apple has used the ion-strengthened glass ion the iPhone 6, which is claimed to be both scratch and shatter resistant.

User Interface:

The iPhone 6 runs the iOS 8 but with the recent release of the iOS 9, we are promised a lot more features.


However, for now let’s take a look at what to expect from iOS 8. The iOS 8 is similar to the iOS 7 but when we look closely under the covers, we see lot of new important features in the iOS 8. Some of the important changes that iOS 8 has brought to the iPhones are Interactive Notifications, Notification Centre ‘Widgets’, Support for third party keyboards, Audio Messages, Battery Monitor.


The iPhone 6 is packed with the A8 processor, which is a dual-core processor that runs at 1.4GHz. This is not much improvement when compared to last year’s 1.3GHz A7. But this is enough to make the Apple iPhone 6 very fast.

The Touch ID, works quicker and unlocks the phone faster. Open apps or zip through menus without any lag anywhere. The iPhone 6 plays all the latest 3D high performing games smoothly and makes it a happy experience.


If there is one area where the iPhones have always managed to shine and leave its competition behind, it is the camera. Apple each year proves that the megapixel count is not the primary factor that guarantees a great photograph.

The iPhone 6 has the same 8 MP camera as the iPhone 5S but with new sensors and it takes brilliant photographs in the daylight and good pictures even in the low light conditions.


Due to the “focus pixels”, which is used to achieve the phase-detect autofocus, the camera of the iPhone 6 offers astonishingly fast autofocus.

There are numerous Android devices boasting of greater megapixel numbers but none of them gives such consistent performance as the camera of the iPhone 6.

The front camera which is just 1.2 MP (don’t go on the numbers just) takes very nice selfies.

With the iPhone 6, you have the option of shooting videos at 1080p, at 60 frames per second. The Slow motion videos from the iPhone 6 are just brilliant.


A 1,810mAh non-removable battery under the hood runs the iPhone 6. The battery is a bit greater than its predecessor 5S but lags behind the other high-end android devices.

The battery life though seems low on paper but it gives a decent real life performance. When I reach back home after work I still have 30-40% battery, with mixed usage.

Nevertheless, I wish I got a bit more battery life considering the price I am paying for it.


It is by now a universal fact that Apple phones do not offer expandable storage. The iPhone 6 is available in three storage variants – 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

  • PROS:
  • The iPhone 6 features a sleeker and thinner design
  • This iPhone delivers an outstanding performance
  • It has a gorgeous display
  • The battery life is impressive compared to previous iPhones
  • Amazing camera
  • CONS:
  • The rear camera lenses are weirdly protruding
  • 4K video recording is missing
  • NFC can only be used for mobile payments
  • The camera does not feature Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)


The Apple iPhone 6 was a revolution device when it was released last year and it still offers great features and performance. It is still among the best smartphones available in the market. Moreover, with the expected price cuts when the iPhone 6S releases in India, the iPhone 6 will offers a great deal.