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Apple iOS 10 Features, Beta, Wallpaper, Concept, download: In its pursuit to capture the global market, Apple announced iOS 10 at the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. iOS 10 is the next software update for the iPad and the iPhone. The new apple iOS software development kit (SDK) includes application program interface (APK) and services enabling new features and apps for iPad and iPhone. iOS 10 release date is marked as Apple’s biggest as it lets you manage home automation products with Home app, Siri works more by working with the apps, News apps, Apple Music, Photos and redesigned Maps and also it brings a lot more to messages like animation, stickers etc.

Apple iOS 10 Images, Map, Open Siri, Massages to Developers

Apple iOS 10 Features

Apple iOS 10 Beta, Updates, Download, New Concepts

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Apple Released iOS 10, Maps, Opens Siri and Messages to Developers

Apple iOS 10
Apple iOS 10 Concepts

Apple iOS 10 Features-

Apple iOS 10 Features
Apple iOS 10 Features

Messages– After your friend swipes over, invisible ink, handwritten notes or animations, such as confetti, fireworks or balloons are revealed. Replacement of words with emoji can now be done automatically. Simply respond with just a Tap through Tap back. You can send fireballs, heartbeats, sketches or even draw over videos. Rich links let you see content in line and play media without leaving your conversation you can see play media and content online through Rich links. Without leaving Messages you can share content, make payments, add stickers, etc.,

Messages now open to developers: Download directly from the New App Store to create sticker packs and for iMessage. iMessage Apps enable users have easy access to apps without having to leave Messages. Sharing content, playing games, editing photos, collaborating with friends within a custom interface designed by you and sending payments becomes more convenient.

Siri Opens to Developers: With just using their voice, users can get things done with your content and services. Siri can also send money to someone with Square or book a ride through Lyft as the Sirikit enables iOS 10 apps to work with Siri.

Redesigned Maps now open to developers: Apps like OpenTable can integrate bookings right into Maps, and without ever leaving the Maps app services like Uber and Lyft can make it easier for users to book a ride. Can provide first-hand suggestions see what’s around the corner, for where you’re likely to go and the fastest way to get there etc.

Apple iOS 10 Public Beta, Wallpaper

iOS Wallpaper/ Photos: Automatically resurfaces the favorite and forgotten occasions of your life from your photo library in memories. Memories scan all your videos and photos to find your favorite and forgotten events, people and trips. It then presents them in a beautiful collection. Memory Movie is an automatically edited movie with, titles, theme music, and cinematic transitions. Memories use advanced computer vision and on-device facial, object and scene recognition to group the people, places and things inside your pictures.

Home App for Simpler Home Automation: With the new deeply integrated into iOS Home app lets you turn on lights, unlock doors, and even raise your window shades — all at once if you like. With a single command, you can manage and control accessories can be individually or in groups using Siri.

HomeKit: To bring support to the Home app for lights, window shades thermostats, video cameras door locks, etc.

Redesigned Apple Music & News: Enjoy your favorite songs with the simple, intuitive design and while you’re listening to them, that also provides the lyrics. In distinct sections of the beautifully redesigned News app. easily find the stories that matter to you most.

iOS Experience: View all your notifications at a glance, right from the lock screen with Raise to Wake. With just a swipe or a press today view and Control Center are accessible, and interacting with apps is made even easier with 3D Touch integration of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Apple iOS 10 updates, news

Phone: A new caller ID extension, a third party VoIP call and voicemail transcription are integrated for spam alerts

QuickType features: Based on location, calendar availability or contacts contextual predictions to surface relevant information; and multiple languages without switching keyboards supported by predictive typing.

Built-in app updates: Live Photos editing, Safari split-view for iPad and Notes collaboration.

Apple Pay: In addition to paying in stores and within apps, using Safari, you can now make easy, secure and private purchases on participating websites.

Multilingual typing: Without switching between keyboards you can type in two languages at the same time.

Privacy in iOS 10: End-to-end encryption used by software and services like iMessage, FaceTime and HomeKit. To identify the people, objects and scenes in Photos, it has on-device intelligence which also power QuickType suggestions. Without compromising individual privacy Differential Privacy help’s discover the usage patterns of a large number of users.

Apple iOS 10 Beta, Updates, News, Download

Apple iOS 10 release date, concept

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For now, Apple iOS 10 Developer Program members are the only ones who can use iOS 10 starting from today. In July, the public iOS 10 beta program will be available to iOS users. After that, all iPad Air and iPad Pro models, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini 2 and later, and iPod touch 6th generation. No doubt all the iPhone and iPad users are eager to get their hands on the new iOS 10 by Apple. Must check all Apple iOS 10 new features, release date in India, lock screen, concepts, public beta, etc. You can also comment us to know more details regarding the Apple iOS 10 updates and new features.